Video: Multicopter Beer Delivery (inc. the making of)

UK aerial film production company, Out Filming, has produced a promotional video for a beach-front bar using a quadcopter and octocopter. During the film the quadcopter is used to deliver a single bottle of beer to a beach-goer, before the larger octocopter delivers a whole keg. View the videos below, or see some more info over on Unmanned Systems Technology

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  • John, I should have said "implausible for a machine of that size".  I have seen the beer lift before, but that machine just doesn't look big enough. 

  • as german i have to say: heineken is no beer it´s "Pippiwasser" means Piepiewater -)

  • it lift a 60kg but for how many time ?

    This kind of idea are the more ridiculous i ever seen.

    for sure i will shot a rotor craft caring any kind of thing if it fly overhead me.

    This kind of shit need to be banned by the professional UAV community.

  • Developer

    The unlimited class winner lifted 58,7kg.

  • I'd love to know if that keg is full or not.  Seems implausible to me, but if it is full... WOW!

  • Empty barrel I take it...still....kudos on the heavy lift!

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