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  • Should be able to tell you guys after the weekend... Still building it.. Anyhow, merry Christmas all.
  • Chris (or anyone else for that matter): I would appreciate comments on how well it flys with a apm, It is the model im planning on using when i can afford it this summer, Cant wait till you get it :) 



  • 3D Robotics
    Dutchman: just to be clear, that is the Flite Test crew's link (and affiliate code), not mine. I just copied their link (they did the work, so they should get the revenues)

    Also note that HobbyKing is a Flite Test sponsor, so this may not be the most impartial review (although I think they're pretty fair in general)
  • Good to see Chris is using Hobbyking affiliate codes now too. That will make me feel a little more comfortable doing that myself.
  • Good job
  • as a side note - I've been watching all the flite test episodes for a while now - as a bit of a newbie to RC aircraft its been very good, and the show is really well put together. if you're interested in RC flight, you should subscribe to the channel on youtube,

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