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Hey guys,

An update for you all from before (here). We got some awesome feedback from you guys last time about our work on vision-based tracking and intelligence for drones. Check out our demo reel and launch video here:

Based on all your comments we improved our algorithms and packaged them into a feature-rich product for aerial film-makers that we’re pretty excited to share with you all today.

It’s called the SHIFT and it’s a film-maker’s smart upgrade kit for drones that simplifies many of the complexities of filming with a flying camera. The SHIFT plugs into your autopilot (currently supporting DJI and 3DR) and partially takes over control of the drone and gimbal to let you auto-frame moving subjects and fly smooth, precise paths - totally sweat free.

Thanks to an overwhelming response from aerial filmmakers we’re now launching a pre-order campaign for the SHIFT on our website:

We’re working with film-makers on a whole lot more features to add new levels of creative freedom to aerial filming. Like us on facebook and we’ll keep you updated! If you guys have more questions, feel free to ask. And for all you aerial cinematographers around do read our FAQ or contact us directly :) We’d love to hear from you!


Your friends at Perceptiv Labs!

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  • Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for dropping by! If the gimbal happens to be 3 axis, we can definitely control the gimbal only, and we have done that on a DYS 3 axis gimbal on a DJI Phantom before. Our 3DR prototype only had a Tarot 2 axis gimbal, so we had to take over the yaw control of the quadrotor via MavLink. To achieve the vehicle control on Phantom, we use the PPM input on the DJI autopilot.

  • Very impressive! So I can see that it controls the gimbal, but is it actually controlling the vehicle too? How is this accomplished? Mavlink?

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