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Hey guys,

An update for you all from before (here). We got some awesome feedback from you guys last time about our work on vision-based tracking and intelligence for drones. Check out our demo reel and launch video here:

Based on all your comments we improved our algorithms and packaged them into a feature-rich product for aerial film-makers that we’re pretty excited to share with you all today.

It’s called the SHIFT and it’s a film-maker’s smart upgrade kit for drones that simplifies many of the complexities of filming with a flying camera. The SHIFT plugs into your autopilot (currently supporting DJI and 3DR) and partially takes over control of the drone and gimbal to let you auto-frame moving subjects and fly smooth, precise paths - totally sweat free.

Thanks to an overwhelming response from aerial filmmakers we’re now launching a pre-order campaign for the SHIFT on our website:

We’re working with film-makers on a whole lot more features to add new levels of creative freedom to aerial filming. Like us on facebook and we’ll keep you updated! If you guys have more questions, feel free to ask. And for all you aerial cinematographers around do read our FAQ or contact us directly :) We’d love to hear from you!


Your friends at Perceptiv Labs!

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  • @Dries. I'm Neil, Yan's partner in crime at Perceptiv Labs. We're putting up instructions for integration with 3DR x8 shortly! Days. Not Weeks or Months haha. Maybe hours ;) 

  • @Dries, Thanks! The integration with 3DR X8 is expected to be quite straight forward, as it shares the same autopilot as the IRIS+. The instructions is expected to come out in weeks.

  • @Yan Ma, When do you expect to have the instructions for integration with 3DR X8+? Weeks, months, .. ?

    Nice demo!

  • @Jerry, light-field sensor will be so badass. Technically, one can strap a Lytro unit on a drone, and use our SHIFT camera for tracking purposes. Then you can capture footages at varying depth of field! 

    We are using a single camera, and yes we share your experience with the stocked OpenCV algorithms. We identified that there's really nothing out there that's good enough, went back to drawing and designed this algorithm after 6 months of hard work!  

    We have looked at IR solution, but in order for it to work in day light, we had to modulate the light source. Eventually we opted to solving it with software, eliminating the need for an external beacon and make it a simpler user experience. 

    We're currently really focused on delivering feature sets for cinematographers, and it's going to take up most of our resources. An SDK is on the roadmap, but it won't be available when the product is shipped.

  • i hope next generation of this kind technology will integrate light-field sensor

    or consider FOD sensor for scanning objects. are you guys using infrared to track? my opencv testing experience tell me its very tricky to get such perfect results with just a 'camera'.

    if sdk available, i want one, guess it's not open source.

    hexo+ still not shipping? forget about hexo+

  • @John, oh that made my day :) Yeah we are all drone enthusiasts and expected these questions to come along regarding our product. 

    Great point! A general platform for app development has been mentioned quite a few times in the past, we're really focused on solving problems for aerial cinematographers in terms of shot framing, shot repeatability, etc. Glad to see the commercial aspect of the drone community flourishing with all these products!

  • Hey @Euan and @Klaus, thanks for these great questions!  

    The SHIFT kit will actually work with any drone with PPM RC input. For 3DR IRIS and DJI Phantom (Vision/Vision 2+), the integration will be fully documented and will work out of the box with custom mechanical mounts.

    For other drones and gimbal equipment, we will provide instructions on wiring and configuring RC channels using our companion app for DIY installation.

  • @Julien haha thank you so much! I think HexoPlus is a great product, especially for action sports enthusiasts.

    Our product is targeted toward cinematographers that need creative control over shot framing and camera angles, and we enable users to focus of the shot rather than juggling the control of 3 RC sticks, so it's a subtly different than an autonomous follow-me drone, which in itself is a difficult problem to tackle.

  • The FAQ page is one of the best-written I have seen. Well done. Possibly add explanations of how this product compares to NVdrones, OpenMV, Percepto, and other offerings or announcements as curated here.

  • Great respect !!!

    verifiable fly a large Octacopter with a 4K Sony camera. The gimbal is 32 bits served by the new ALEXMOS Basecam controller on 2 axes with a separate remote control. How can you integrate your super program in this system. And what would it cost for me? Best regards from Germany  ciao Klaus                                                               PS:in the photo is a thermal imaging camera, no Sony 4K :)3701942634?profile=original

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