Dear Friends,

yesterday we start to delivery the VR Brain Micro 5 pre order. Thanks to all guys that join the preorder in last month . I think that the first user start to receive it in the next days . We are working to update the wiki with the updates for quick start FAQ for use our new board.

The info will be update in the next hours on : 

This is the repo with bootloader , driver , updated code for vrbrain micro 4.5 and 5.0

this is internal repository where we ask the pull request to diydrone global repo .

On last mission planner we yet propagate the last patch for work with uBrain .

If you need support write down in this blog post or in virtualrobotix original post :



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  • Here is my first 3D printed case for VR-brain mini.


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    Not yet , now i haven't update on the enclosure if you have please share with us . Your design is welcome :)



  • Hi Roberto

    I just 3D printed half of this enclosure file from here;

    It looks quite a few modification is required for VR-brain mini fit into this enclosure.

    Do you have any update enclosure design?

    Otherwise, I have to do by myself:-)

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    Hi Fabio, 

    so about the firmware we are doing a big job on repo ... now we transfer all the code on github here :

    now there are  code for :

    nuttx , APM Copter , Plane and Rover aligned with the master .

    Then there are : VR Pad Station source code our revision of mission planner that we use for doing pull request to official repo.

    Actually there are 6 eng that full time work on VR Brain core os , firmware and software development. 

    We are implement a server for automatic compilation of code and testing like is doing for apm / px4 platform. So basically our Server produce bin for mission planner more fast and safe respect of last manual approach . About the news in the code you can control the log on repository so you can doing in depth with last improvment to the code.

    virtualrobotix - Overview
    virtualrobotix has 29 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
  • Hello Roberto,
    We can announce some news about the new firmware, it is a stable release or beta.
    Supports pwm, ppsum and sbus at the same time.

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    Hi Danny , 

    you can order directly to the store here  :

    no limit to sell in UK i think in 3-4 days you can have your board :)

    Yes i like the APM until begin of the project i'm in the dev team . So now the code is very well and drone based on APM firmware fly very well. Our team start to work on 32 bit technology 3 years ago and now we have a very good experience on this kind of platform. So now with nuttx and ekf i think that our project using real power of this kind of technology. We prefer to mantain our original architecture instead to clone the PX4 hardware . Now our revision of OS and AP_HAL developed by our Team is official supported in the main repo and our bin code is available in mission planner . So thanks to Tridge and all other guys of the team for the work that continue to do to the project and sure to Chris and 3DR for big investment in development of this fantastic opensource code :) 



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    Now also Marco Robustini have a board and start to test and doing some feedback for improve user experience.

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    Hi Jiro ,

    perfect i'm happy that you receve your board ... about the support forum and some news about the board you can found info here  :

    Today or tomorrow on Mission Plannwer will be available a new revision of firmware with some improvment .

    The official support forum is here :

    And if you want to see what is possible to do with VR uBrain here there is an example of how VR uBrain doing automatic follow mode :)



  • Yes. The major concern to this tiny flight controller is compatibility and performance.

    But the shipping cost is also big part of VR-brain micro that the DHL takes 50% cost of tiny flight controller to Japan.


    Good thing is that there is no damage and problem at this moment;-)

  • Let us know how it performs and if you have a Pixhawk, how it compares. The price and shipping are really putting me off at the moment.

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