This is main board normally put on Gimbal frame near the Quad . 


This is the two options imu available normally is on camera module: 

2 axis with 3 accelerometer and 3 gyroscope 3 magnetometer in one version we use mpu6050 and in other we use mpu 9150 1 chip 9 DOF sensor.




Some friends start to design different kind of gimbal for our new board. The main difference respect of standard gimbal is that the mechanical frame need to be develop for each video sensor that you would like to use for your video. This frame is for Gopro Hero 2-3 in the design is important to move CG of camera for obtain better result during gimbal stabilization :)


This is the caratheristics of our : VR Gimbal :

Micro Controller is STM32F1 at 72 mhz.

3 Axis Brushless Direct Drive gimbal :

  • Roll    (MOT1)
  • Pitch  (MOT2)
  • Yaw    (MOT3)

For each channel we have 3 high power pwm output .


I2C IMU that support 3 axis . It  is on camera module , so we can know exactly the position of camera and control in realtime the 3 Brushless motors.

We are developing two option :

  • more traditional approach : MPU6050 (6 DOF) + HMC5883 (3 DOF)
  • new sensor from inversense MPU 9150 (9 DOF)


1 USB port.

1 Serial port that support mavlink protocol.

1 Power module that support until 3S battery.

4 Radio RC Input for :

  • Control ROLL Setup.
  • Control Pitch Setup.
  • Control YAW Setup.
  • IR control repeater.

4 Analog Input 0-3.3v

1 IR Out , so is pssible to control a remote camera by its ir receiver.


The first batch of production will be available in 3 week it's better to reserve your board because there is a big request of this gimbal.

for more info send a mail to

original blog post :


Roberto Navoni


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  • Moderator

    Last update of project available here :

    see new video 

  • Thanks for the info Jani, yes I can see now how that makes sense. 

    By the way when are your BGM gimbal frames going to be available? Also do you sell any cables with a DF13 connectors? I'm looking for one to connect my external magnetometer to my APM2.5. I couldn't find any on your webs site.

  • Developer

    John, yes BLGC motors are totally different from normal BL motors. Most of them are wound different way, size of copper is different also amount of winding turns is different. Normal BL motors are 700 to 1200Kv for multicopter use but for BLGC use we try to as close as possible of 0kv. Ok 0kv is impossible to achieve but something like 5-50kv is not.Not all motors are suitable for this. Many of them have problems when winding big amount of cable to them. From motors available on market in generally only small amount makes good BLGC motor.We worked with many motor companies in past and its great that now many of them are making those as hand windig is really painfull... it can take up to 3-4 days to wind one motor by hand :)

  • Are the brushless gimbal motors in the market wound any differently to the regular brush less motors? eg can we use the same brushless motors we use for a quad copter on a gimbal?

  • Where is schematic and PCB?

  • What control board are you using? As you know the quality of the board determines everything. I think it is important for you to share since there are very many poor 3 axis boards entering the market.

  • Moderator

    Hi yes the firmware is opensource ... here you can found last update

  • Hi
    Is this open source project?

  • Hi Jani, when the 3-axis BL gimbal will be available on your site?

    thnx, nick

  • Moderator

    Dear Friends,

    here you can find the next step in the project , the VR Gimbal (Board Control) is ready for developer here more info :

    more info in user group join us

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