VR Gimbal Nex7 preview

Dear Friends,
we are very proud to show you the first test of our VRGimbal for Nex 7, the first ready to use gimbal developed by Virtualrobotix.

This video was done by Flavio, chief product developer and excellent pilot.
The aim was to check the goodness of stabilization done by our VRGimbal Brushless Controller Board and verify the effectiveness of our anti vibration system.
We are very happy with the results, so next week the first batch of VRGimbal for NeX7 will available to our beta testers for in flight checks and validation.
Soon after the tests we will start market production.
This ready to use gimbal will be available in 2 axis and 3 axis configuration and will support small and medium cameras such as Nex7, Sony CX410, Sony PJ780 and Canon EOS M.
The Gimbal will be available with custom profiles to better adapt to your camera.

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  • MR60

    I agree I prefer your approach than the closed source approach of Alexmos.

    If you take a reference point in the video (for example horizontal lines) and you look closely at the sides, you will see the jitter. I know I'm nitt picking here, it remains globally a very nice stable video.

  • Moderator

    Sorry where you see the "high frequency vibes" ? At what seconds ... ? Your eyes is better of eyes of eagle ;)

    I don't like closed source project as AlexMos , is not possible to upgrade featue or understand how solve problem on control if you have during setup ... We have entire control of our VRGimbal Control Board so we can add a lot of new feature ... some great news about our technology will be available in the next weeks 



  • MR60

    I don't want to be nitt picking but after looking at your video you still have sensible high frequency vibes. Either your D tuning is too high either your vibration dampening does not filter high frequencies well enough. I get better results than this on a sub 200$ chinese gimbal so you'd better do BETTER ;)

  • MR60

    this is excellent news. You at least understood what the market wants : stop to mess with gimbal tuning !

    I own a NEX5 and fly it on a 2 axis alexmos brushless gimbal but I could be interested to upgrade to your 3axis one. I hope the price will be nice also...

  • For this test we use a drone with unbalanced coaxial motor and propeller to simulate the worst vibration conditions,

    The stabilization system on nex7 (OSS) was turned off and was not applied any post deshaking method.

    Vibratiion absorber system cut both low and hight frequency coming from drone frame and VR Gimbal controller react very well even with combination of pitch and roll movement of the camera.


    Stay tuned !






  • Moderator

    We are KamiKazeee .... Banzzaaaaaiiiii !!!

    No sure on our drone we doing a lot , but a lot , and a lot again of reliable test before to put on it a Nex7 ;)

    The VRbrain 4.5 with APM Copter 3.1.11 (RC5) work very well and don't have problem at the moment ... 

    We fly for a long time with GoPro , but now decide to switch to prosumer products for improve quality of our video :)

  • I own a Nex 6, and I sure wouldn't strap it to a drone.. haha!

  • Moderator

    :) Yes it's solid , it's build in carbon fiber and ergal. It's small and compat but support camera until 600 - 700 gr without problem.

    in the gimbal is integrated electronic control of zoom , picture shot and rec and stop video.  We support LanC protocol available on different camera .

  • Nice work! Looks like a solid product.
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