Top Layer on pc signal in indoor condition

10003964_10203677301477059_1820218844_n.jpg First prototype bottom layer


Signal in outdoor condition



Position of satellite.

VR GPS Ublox Lea 6H with HMC5983 Magnetometer


First Virtualrobotix GPS engine using Ublox LEA-6H receiver.

This is a 50-channel high sensitive engine that boasts a Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF) of less than 1 second.

Also provide a rechargeable backup battery to improve warm start.

The dedicated acquisition engine, with over 2 million correlators, is capable of massive parallel time/frequency space searches, enabling it to find satellites instantly.

Innovative design and technology suppresses interference sources and mitigates multipath effects, giving LEA-6H GPS receivers excellent navigation performance even in the most challenging environments.

We are testing also new module NEO 7 and NEO M8 for evaluate how is better module for our drone.

Virtualrobotix GPS uses an high efficient low noise amplifier to improve antenna signal (19dB) and a SAW filter to select GPS frequencies (see graph below).


In our test we are test different kind of saw filter for improve the quality of gps in presence of RF noise from cpu of other device as Action Camera , in our test for example GOPRO Hero 3+ RF emission is very high and is important to have a good filter for limit the gps glitch.

It also mounting an ultimate 3-axis digital compass, with selectable interface SPI or I2C (HMC5983).

This one is an high speed (220Hz output) and high resolution (2 milli-gauss) magnetometer.


Features and Specifications:

  • ublox LEA-6H module

  • 3,3V or 5V Inputs, with low noise 3.3V regulator.

  • 5 Hz update rate

  • Rechargeable 3V lithium backup battery for high efficient warm start

  • Panasonic Low Noise Amplifier for antenna signal with high gain (19dB)

  • EPCOS SAW high quality low-loss RF filter for GPS application

  • 25 x 25 x 4 mm ceramic patch antenna

  • Dedicated I2C EEPROM for receiver configuration storage

  • High resolution compass (2 milli-gauss) and high speed (2 milli-gauss)

  • Power and fix indicator LEDs

  • ArduPilot Mega compatible 6-pin JST connector

  • Exposed pads for simple soldering connection.

  • I2c / SPI HMC5983 magnetometer .
  • 2 ttl tx-rx ser connection.
  • 38 x 38 x 8.5 mm total size, 18 grams.


Some example from log collected in first test VRX GPS is red Line 3DR is blu







The module will be available in may , for more info of pre order contact us at


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  • @Roberto
    That what I meant- it costs more but you get more ;)
    You say that VRbrain 5.0  is going in production, and you still don't have a price? ;) Give us something, please:)

  • thanks roberto :)

  • Moderator

    This is the component choose for first prototype check the wide band transfer funciton .. you can see that cut all the low frequency very well .

    On that frequency we have telemetry 400 - 900 , 1200 video tx on the 2.4 ghz we have cut around 50 db that could be good ... i try to put near the antenna the gopro wifi and don't see big rf noise the gps mantain the lock ... going around a bit but not to much.



  • hey roberto

    could you say us exactly what is the ref about the saw filter to see more spec about it

  • Moderator


    the main advantages at the moment is the HMC5983 instead of HMC5883 , that is evolution of HMC5883 available on 3DR GPS and a good band pass filter .

    About power plane we are evaluate some update as told to Bill .

    @Hein , yes lower multipath and minus hdop , we doing some comparative test with 3DR GPS and in some case we have +1 sat respect of 3DR GPS. 

    I don't know exactly if our preamp have more gain or is better power plan but i see this difference .. i spoke with Tridge about another test that i think to do next  week on acceleration 

  • Moderator


    i agree with you about power plane ... we are evaluate to put on antenna some point for solder add power plane as this one : Groundplane-for-GPS_b2.jpg

  • 100KM
    Advantage is much faster lock, much lower hdop because of reduced multipathing etc?
  • I do not see any evident advantage  in using this module over the 3DR GPS module apart having a more exotic component in your mulirotor.

  • Developer

    Other than compatibility with the 3DR module, why use 38mm square ground plane? The data sheet for that antenna uses (25mmx25mmx4mm) uses a 50mm square ground plane. see

  • Moderator


    we are waiting sample for M8 module it is very good device we hope to check it before the end of this month ...



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