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  • @swordfishbob - did you notice the powerlines above as well ? the wind also bounces off the wall to make for  a great test spot...with consequences


    little bit of info here i will write a proper article one day
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • Looks good!  You must have some confidence in the gear to be flying beside a road :-)

    Do you have any writeup or pics of your "original vtail Quad" mentioned above?

  • @James - i had alot of sucess with my original vtail Quad, and the Vtail Octo, so love how well the Vtail works, the yaw is smooth and you are not reving up 1/2 of your motors to acomplish it - also when flying fats sideways, it counteracts the tail drop of a traditional Tricopter design - this design is there to capture the best of tricopter coupled with a heavy lift @Sandro - thanks for that, happy you liek them, its nice to innovate instead of copy the tried and true - i feel this will be better than the previous hexa i did when windy - its using the openpilot copter control board - i need someone to help me re-do the mixes in the Ardupilot ACM2 code, for this, and the Octo desigh (uses 5 channels for 8 motors)

  • Developer

    Mathew I'm enjoying your models a LOT. I want to do at last one of your hexa configs.

    They are very interesting, mainly on the V tail resource. It should improve the YAW authority.


    What flight controller board are you using there? Congratulations by your innovative models!

  • Interesting shape! What made you decide to configure the two motors on the tail on a dihedral like that?
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