Walkera Voyager 3 iUAS - Futuristic APM Quadcopter

According to iUASinc.com, the Voyager 3 will be APM driven, it will be GPS and GLONASS dual-navigation system with a long awaited 4K camera for cinematic filming.3689634040?profile=original  The gimbal is detachable with an unrestricted 360°view below.  You can fly with 2 operators, a pilot and camera man controlling the gimbal.  It will carry a whopping 8s 29.6V LiPo battery to produce 20 minutes of flight time.  
Due to be out next month, at the rate it is going it will be on sale at most retails before the Inspire 1, starting price is going to be under $2000.  The 4k camera and 8s battery/charger probably takes up a bulk of the cost.
Since it uses the popular Devo F12E 12 channel radio, you can buy it BNF if you already have a Devention professional radio.
APM Copter 3.2, dual GPS. début in Florida's Test Track
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  • APM Copter

    GPS and GLONASS dual-navigation system


  • APM Copter

    GPS and GLONASS dual-navigation system


  • Price of Voyager 3 is unbeatable if they really offer what they say...2399$..http://www.iuasinc.com/products/walkera-voyager-3-fpv-rtf1-devo-f12... someone explain,does this multi use APM(APM follow me mode on first picture in this post)or something like Pixhawk..if its APM would it be possible to use PIX?

  • ALK..that scenery is taken from PC/PS game CoD: Advanced Warfare where you can use multi for helping you fighting enemies...

    Our multis is anyway just a testing field for more advanced military solutions...
    Years and years passing by and I am still waiting for firmware without bugs on Arducopter,but no,always something new ,more advanced which affecting normal flight...
  • Doug..here u go http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-lx100 only problem is no live video out...would be nice if someone can give me advice which FPV camera I can use to mount behind that camera viewfinder or screen to monitor it.THX 

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review
    Some of the most beloved premium compact cameras in the last decade are Panasonic's LX-series. They always offered larger-than-average sensors but, f…
  • Ok. Name alredy fixxed. =)

  • Question: Is there any good reason that makes better having COG low under props plane instaid of at same height or much upper? Thanks

  • Jiro, I agree.  Retracting the camera and landing gear makes much more sense than moving the arms.

  • The Voyager in the shots were clearly tracked in. So walkera couldn't risk shooting the video with the actor, or is it just vaporware?

  • Developer

    Marketing a drone with war and a soldier? Thats doesn't look so bright right now. 

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