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  • I think he lost an ESC on takeoff, that'd most definitely account for the lack of yaw control, the ECU is struggling to maintain control of the copter, if you watch carefully it's trying with all it's heart to counter the yaw... I believe that the "pilot's" mistake was to not land the moment the smoke came out of it or the moment he noticed that he had no control over the yaw.  

    given the weight of the copter I wouldn't be overly surprised if the ESC burnt out under the load of taking off at full throttle, the problem may have been evident when he first spun up the motors, it could have been what he was looking at before takeoff... in my mind that alone would be cause to settle to a hover a 1-2 meters and perform some basic left-right forward-back and yaw maneuvers before taking the copter to a higher altitude...   

  • hi, it probably a nub with 2 much cash,  i know a few people who buy multirotors cause they are"cool", first thing they do u give it full throttle , then freak out when they releize they haven't got a clue what to do, the mental thing is they do it an an area that a nub shouldn't be flying in, i think part of the problem is the kiwi mentally" fuck it ,it be alright"

  • "There's definitely a puff of smoke visible at 0:57."

    That's just the burning of hopes and dreams.

  • 57 seconds after launch I'm still hovering and checking my gear.
  • There's definitely a puff of smoke visible at 0:57.  

  • T3

    What gets me is there are no shouts of warning from them as it goes out of control. You can see who the owner is...the other chap just stands around keeping the pavement down..

  • That was unfortunate. 

  • I agree, it was pilot error. No pre-flight check etc. But in the video 0.58 min you can see the smoke from the engine\ESC and probably due to this failure it started rotating around its axis and he was not experienced enough to handle this.

  • I always adjust my shorts when the motors are spooling downtown Atlanta when a crowd is gathering, even when there is NO reason to do so (since the rig is on the ground). That's a good enough reason for 8 spinning rotors to be "unattended". :)

  • I will stop with my final words on this one, this pilot was un-skilled, novice at best and had no idea what he was doing. There was no GPS hold on this copter when he took off, he was in stable mode, he took off did not hover - shot up to 100 feet lost orientation torked forward on the sticks and slammed into the building because in fact he was pointed backwards. Dumb Thumbs, lack of knowing orientation, lost perception, we can say many things. But at the end of the day, bad pilot, lack of skills, and clearly they did not have a good flight agenda in hand. Any pilot with half a cell up there would have at least hovered check the modes - checked stability - before proceeding up to 100 ft in the middle of a freaking city center of skyscrapers.... Unless of course we all fly in the middle of skyscrapers everyday come on, do not start the hardware blame game, or the batteries failed, or the radio had a blurp. This one is clear as day, PILOT ERROR!

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