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  • @Cliff_E

    Vicon tracker has a built in VRPN server. Thanks for the comment "so dead easy to calibrate...". I'd be interesting in hearing other pros and cons of each - privately, if you wish. Just DM me.



  • check out this spoof, very funny 

  • Looks like it's been confirmed that at least some of the ad is CG.  Apparently they don't want to say which quads are real and which aren't, but I think it's pretty obvious.  Scroll down to the video for the correction posted by the folks at IEEE Spectrum:

  • @R_Lefebvre: 240fps is a blessing for 'post'

    It's optitrack (making of shows their UI)... I was a bit surprised it appears they dropped vicon (thanks to vrpn?). I've worked with both, both have pros/cons, but vicon is just so dead easy to calibrate (i.e. it just 'works'); it's worth the price of admission....

    Definitely has CGI written in it. Like the last scene with them outside: the aspect ratio of copter to building... that's thousands if it's the palm size quads to be able to see them at that distance. But a lot of the motions look like standard kmel trajectories of past demos (fig 8, x-cross, spirals), so easy to replica relatively, even 'mocap the mocap' for CGI-ing virtual copters in the other scenes, rather than fully animating, hence a nice application to test the system possibilities. Still kudos to the kmel team!  Would have been cooler if they did that dolly shot using a quadcopter with a camera gimbal :)

    @Jason: funny that you ask... ;)

  • It's neat to watch. Now lets see them do it outside without all the IR cameras.

  • Glad I'm not the only one who felt the commercial was CG.

    That is really disappointing if that's what they did.  Another indication that quadcopters are at the Peak of Inflated Expectations.  Some director thought it would be neat to have quads as "characters", there's a lot of buzz around these things now.  But, they didn't move the way he wanted (even using a Vicon!) and so he decided to fake it.

  • Developer

    The making of movie was great, impressive and real. The finished commercial, not so much...

  • Here's the page that has all the making of movies and photos:

  • I get a warm fuzzy feeling while watching these "making of" video's. Is there something wrong with me? I agree with you Pete, to bad he uses this much CGI, is not needed in my opinion if you look at what they accomplish with these
    small quadcopters.

  • We need a Pixar drone movie! has to happen!

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