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    does it perform as you hoped

    Yep, flew great. So more, we have problems with landing - need a really BIG glide distance.

  • Great to see it complete Vlad, are the flight tests going well, does it perform as you hoped?

  • Take Off Weight. :) 

    Nice plane. 

  • I've been following your build but I wasn't sure if it was the same plane or not. 30kg tow! What are you towing?
  • Admin

    Cool,    5 m  wingspan !!

    So where is optical payload.?

    Edit:  Ok  forget my question, I just found it. , looks great.

  • Moderator

    Phil, you really need this? :)

    5 m span, 58 cc MMVS, ~30 kg TOW.

  • Great work! Details? Engine size, weight, purpose?
  • Very nice! Clean and sleek..

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    Thanks Gary.

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    Beautiful, congratulations

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