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WE WON!!!!

With the plane down from the tree and taped up, we were the last team of the day to do the last run. The winds had picked up to 10-15mph, gusting even higher. We had one run to hit it. Jordi took off, went downwind and switched it into autonomous mode. It made the first waypoint (into the wind) easy and them zoomed by the second one, then took the third waypoint (downwind) really wide. Then it started heading back into the wind towards the finish line. Oh no, it looks like it's too close to the building and we're going to cut a corner! But then, at the last minute, the plane corrected, moving slowly into the wind, and drifted to clear the corner by about a foot. Then straight and true over the finish line! 36 seconds! First place! Hurray!!!!!
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    Well done,

    I wanted to start with some inflamatory statement but realise it would have ended too wild in a forum!

    Top job, look forward to a report that conveys the tension.

    One day I would like to be at a competiton to experience the vibes.

    Well done Sparkfun.

    Maybe we could organise a postal honesty competion that all of us around the world might enter?
  • Congrats guys goes to show what a amateurs can achieve...
  • By measuring on Google earth I reach 30 km/h or 18 mph.
  • I am excited to see the videos and photos from this event and probably GPS tracks...in a tree...
    And again thank you for having the sign on the live video!
  • Congratulations! I can imagine staring at the plane and thinking: turn, turn, turn... real cliffhanger.
    BTW Crossfire doing a 1 mile circuit in 36 seconds requires an everage speed of ~~150mph!
  • T3

    I am really impressed, especially since winds were 10-15mph, gusting even higher. I am also impressed that you were able to stay away from the tree.


    Bill Premerlani
  • Felicitation from France !!!!!!
  • Unless the start and finish lines were infinite, some precision was likely required to for a qualified lap. Also, a 1 mile circumference circuit at 30mph would not have beat the fastest land-based rover. Nothing like real world testing for finding out whether stuff actually works.
  • Fixed wings are the fastest. Surprised how hard it was. You'd think it would be a matter of flying a 1 mile circle.
  • Do you have a recorded flight path that you could share with us in Google Earth?
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