Welcome to Taranis!


"Welcome to Taranis!" And that's exactly what my new $200 radio said to me when I powered it on. Awesome. Over the coming weeks I will post a number of blogs on how to configure the new FrSky Taranis radio for use with your drone.

Audio is a the killer application IMHO. No more sticky tape labels to remember which mode you selected, just configure the radio to tell you on throwing a switch. And it has plenty of those switches. A total of six 3 position switches + the T-CUT and the trainer switch. It has 4 pots, two on the face place, and two "sliders" which using for camera pitch and roll will be great.
For styling, its not any different than the classic JR radio, it even has a compatible JR Module Bay in the back so you can plug in your favourite MHz/UHF or other manufacture module to be compatible with any older kit you may have.
Internally it has a FrSky ACCST 2.4GHz D16 system that supports up to 16 channels. It also backwards compatible with older FrSky receivers.
The power requirements standard is 7.2V 260mA. It's supplied with a NiMH 7.2V 800mAh pack and charger, but can take 2S or 3S LiPo and LiFE packs (I'm using a 1800mAh LiFe pack). If you have an 8 cell AA NiMh pack 2400mAh you can even charge it even in the radio!
If all that isn't great enough, it's completely updateable as the firmware is a custom version of OpenTX 
It comes standard with a ratchet on the throttle control, which I am not a fan, but no problem, just remove the six screws from the back and you can disengage that with a few turns of a conveniently placed screw. You can also change from MODE1 to MODE2 config as well, if required.
The build quality is excellent, and I am really happy with this purchase. (Thanks Dany @
All in all, I don't think you can go wrong with this budget radio with features found on radios costing in excess of $1000
Look out for the future post on how to make this radio really work for you, and maybe just boss you about a bit "Please land now your battery is flat!" ;-)


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  • Got it, love it!

    However the stock battery if very weak at 800mAh. My first day of flying the Taranis my battery died with my plane 3 miles away. Circle...RTL...Write WP's...1st autolanding ever...PERFECT!

    I soldered 6 Sanyo Eneloops and now I have all the power I would ever need. I also made a little adapter and hid it in the battery compartment so I can use and lipo I have on hand if I get in a jam.

  • oh yeah!

    I've purchased at hobbyking and I've updated to mode 2. Very very easy.

  • Bill, looking forward to your videos.  We are setting up Taranis this week with Arducopter too. As usual first thing I will be looking at is the failsafe, probably set it to no pulse.  Unfortunately it is for a member, so I get to build it but don't get to keep it.

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    Build a drone Taranis X9D & X8R Telemetry Receiver, Ardupilot APM 2.6, Sony 700 TVL, Minimosd v0.1, 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6. Youtube Review
  • @Bill: Looking forward to your steps on setting up the radio with the APM:Copter. Cool looking radio!

  • Bill, you've helped me troubleshoot problems with other R/C issues in the past. I look forward to your posts on this transmitter. One request, please be brutally honest about this radio
  • Developer

    @Justin: I haven't missed understood you. I'm just saying that the new X8R support a much better failsafe system where you can set the values from the Transmitter. Using a SBUS to PPMsum convertor give you that new feature. I propose if frsky make a  X4R with PPMSum out (CPPM), that would be awesome.

  • Ok thanks. Yup I guess the side slider is always there. I like it enough to replace my 8103 and 9x, off to find a buy it now button...  ;)

  • All digital.  However you could make one of the sliders on the back of the radio act like a trim if you wanted.

  • Can someone tell me if all of the trims are digital, or if throttle is a slider?

  • Also the drones comment was just to say that it is used to translate between the two different telemetry types
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