What a simple orthomosaic and DEM can do


Using Orthomosaic and Digital Elevation Model to create 3 D model is nothing new. But normally it will require lots of computing power and knowledge. Skyline's TerraBuilder and TerraExplorer make it easy for the average people to make 3D video from an orthomosaic and DEM. For sure there are lot's of other functions within the software, I think just a 3D fly around video create by my recent aerial mapping work will enable my client understand his land better as he can view the area at difference angle and prospective.

I just learn some very basic function and will need proper training to fully utilised the powerful software. I find very limited resource in the net to help the learning process. Any idea ? 

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  • Looks great,but how much does this software cost?

  • That is Very large area that you map, do you mind to share the spec of airframe, camera, speed of flight, duration, etc?
    Sorry for OOT question, great video!!
  • 100KM
    Thanks, Ecosrones. Hi Dan Murray, you'll also need TerraExplorer
  • This looks great. Did you use TerraBuilder for the whole process? I have been looking for something simple to create 3D videos of DEMs.

  • Stunning results and great quality of this 3D tour, Keeyen.


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