What are some bullet points for DRONE interview.


I am a member of the DC drone user group (200 strong). We are having a fly in this saturday and I will be interviewed by a media person concerning the use of drones. I don't want to mess this up as this is a politically volatile time for drones enthusiasts.  

What talking/bullet points would you include? What are the things that I will kick myself for not including after the interview is done?

• Benefits of drones

• potential good uses of drones

• future of drones


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  • tell them it is a   (huge)  multi billion dollar business..it will be more then enough

  • This is good information to know.  Maybe there should be a section on this website for UAV, drone, autonomous hobby vehicle, positive information and talking points.

  • Usually drone interviews go like this: "Is Arducopter, the best autopilot ever made, the best autopilot ever made?" 

  • Yes Robert, I think the privacy red-herring really fails to acknowledge that we're talking overt business operations.

    The activity the FAA seems to be most concerned with is advertising. This is what elicits a warning letter--A business advertising to the public, and offering to provide a service to them.

    What a bizarre regulatory model this is...

  • T3

    You may want to mention that the FAA's prohibition on sUAS use for commercial use may infringe on our 5th Amendment rights...

  • Joshua, I LOVE the backhoe analogy!  It's perfect in so many ways.

    Somebody would have to be deaf and blind to not notice one of these things "sneaking up" on them.

  • Another point that Gary Mortimer is always making-- The rest of the world is leaving the US in the dust with regard to implementing robotic tools into the regulatory framework!

    In these economic times that amounts to an absolute failure.

  • You can mention the fact that our privacy is already an illusion. The spy agencies have declassified their "Stare" camera array tech. Our privacy will be violated by a 100m long helium airship parked in the sky, not by a small multirotor with bright position lights and a company name emblazoned on it. 

    The small air-bots all of us are building, will be used for overt daily work.

    I like to compare this to operating a backhoe. There is absolutely no concern that backhoe operators will be sneaking around digging giant holes in peoples yards against the property owners will.

    Where is the money in that?

    This is business for hire, we want to provide a service to property owners and be paid for it.

    We are property owners who want to use aerial robotics as a tool to manage our own property.

    Aside from paparazzi and private detectives, there is no commercial value in spying on people. Most likely a booming market will form around aerial surveillance counter-measures, employed by celebrities and the like.

    Existing harassment and disturbing the peace laws are sufficient to provide recourse against abusers of this tech. 

  • Moderator

    Don't worry wait a couple of weeks and somebody will invent a new set. 

  • RAPS = Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety.

    RPAS = Remotely Piloted Air System.

    Just in case the sea of acronyms might be a little deep for some of us.

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