What does Desktop Fabrication mean to HeX?

We adopted the way of Desktop Fabrication to build HeX. Here is an example what that way does to it and how it effects on other hobbyists who also want to build a similar one.


the files of the designs of HeX will be uploaded onto the internet and freely accessible to anyone who is enthusiastic about it. With these files, if you also happen to get some CNC routers and laser cutters at home, you can build the same stuff as I have done. Moreover, you can go furthur to help us improve the designs and upload them as well.

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  • @Jason, all the mail order houses are experiencing the same thing, open source micro manufacturing is hitting a new industrial (micro) revolution, we need an open source foundry in every town similar to the public library... who wants to kick in the first million?

  • Jack: Tricopter, of course!

  • What happens if the table is shaped like a triangle?

  • Developer

    I ordered laser cut parts from Ponoko and didn't realize they run a constant 2 week backlog. I thought we were living in a futuristic, gotta have it now world. Until I can get parts in 30 minutes or less, I think we have a way to go.

  • Moderator

    Nice idea

  • Do you by any chance have more high rez pics? I cant quite wrap my head around how the flat and angled pieces come together.
    Very cool project, wish you would make them a kit :) pretty sure Im not the only one who would be interested.
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