Dear Friends ,

Today I'm working on IDE for Multipilot 2.0 . I found different kind of approach available For developing application on Arm Cortex A3 microcontroller.

Actually I'm studing this kind of platform :

Xduino , Maple IDE and CooCox IDE.

The first two ide are Clone of official Arduino project . This kind of ide use same Arduino Java ide and add support for gcc arm compiler instead of gcc . Normaly support usb uploading of firmware don' support jtag debugging. The Maple is better of xduino at the moment. The standard arm library is wrapped for using same arduino language sintax. Is not yet fully compatible with original arduino sintax.

The second one instead is a Eclipse ide , that include support for makefile automatic production , gcc compiler , linker, debugger and support Jtag interface for debug and upgrade firmware.

Support a lot of functionality of ARM micro , is available a micro operating systems that support task and preemptive multitasking.


Personally I prefer second kind of approach , more professional approach not for entry level programmer . The first kind of approach is very good for people that normaly use arduino for development of his application .


My idea at the moment is to support all kind of systems .. actualy the second kind of ide don't support the arduino .pde application ,but i think that is possible to develop a wrapper class and a mod for eclipse that support this kind of improvment.


What kind of approach do you prefer ? 

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  • I can't imagine programming without debugging. Really. Arduino is made for those, who want to punish themselves especially with complex projects.

    CooCox is a nice IDE, it's simple, works great, the debuggers are cheap for it, but hardcore programmers are using the real Eclipse + OpenOCD :)

  • I would prefer xduino.

    both would be even better


    I have not used eclipse for now, but it's said to be a good environment.

    it looks more complicated than arduino (most new users would prefer arduino because it looks more simple)

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