After one year of first experiment with 3d fast prototyping frame , we try to choose a new design for the next step ,  help us to choose better : 

This is last concept of (B,2) Proposal 


if you like it set like in our facebook facebook page here :

We are near to end of design contest then choose what frame going in production :)

Original design Proposal (0)




We start to evaluate next step and start to promote to our customers and our community new  design ... 

These are first proposal , reply to this blog post with your prefered design help us to choose better: 


First proposal (A):





Second proposal (B):






Third proposal (C):






If you want to propose some upgrade or different kind of approach  write your suggestions ... 

This is only first selection ... to be continued ...


by a young italian designer :  Carlo Ceruti  a project :)

Original blog post :


Roberto Navoni


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  • Roberto,

    Are you saying that you have used a TEC inside some of your craft for cooling components? Did you try to harvest any electricity with it?

  • I really need a low profile frame like the f450 or TBS Discovery with a tilt/roll camera gimbal that fits a Canon ELPH digital camera.. not the narrow GoPro.   I need something that I can point the camera straight down and have it stabilized that way.. for doing aerial surveying.. but also if needed point it looking forward.

    Should be pretty simple and straight forward... you probably could do a direct drive gimbal using nice digital servos... these cameras aren't all that heavy..  they are nice since they don't suffer from the nasty wide angle fish eye issue.  Also I have specialized cameras that can see near infrared... these cameras are the standard ELPH width.

    I don't have a cam solution.  DJI has a nice direct drive GoPro gimbal coming out but that is quite cost prohibitive / aka: way to expensive for something that looks straight down at the ground.

  • Moderator

    @Tim , thanks for your suggestions i agree with you about how is important to develop a frame that consider over heating problem. In our professional frame we solve with different approch for example ESC under propeller or inside the farem some kind of refrigerator .



  • Moderator

    Hi LanMark,

    I agree with you about the opportunity to develop a standard case for different cam . In early revision of frame we support standard low cost cam for fpv and GoPro 2 -3 , but we are available also for other models . What kind of cam are the best for our application ? Do you prefer someone ? Can you send me a list of cam so we can check if is possibile to work on your suggestions ? 

  • As much fun as a GoPro is, not everyone wants to fly them day in and day out... why not a design that supports a standard camera screw, and that is the width that can support 90% of the standard point and shoots camera like the Canon ELPHs and such.   I am looking for a good low profile frame that has tilt/roll that can take a standard digital camera... for doing aerial survey (straight down) and also photography.   My larger frames just get blown around too much in windy conditions.

  • The one posted today is certainly great !

  • @Erman,

    I've looked everywhere for that! Thank-you soo much for posting that link. That really has made my day.

  • Think the concept Crasher is looking for is which is why my next build will be a Y6 or X8. Although I like the Italian StillFly frame for its scifi look.
  • I think the Droidworx CX4 remains one of the "sexiest" production quads available, so you're definately in the right ballpark. 

    There was a render on DIYD of a Y6 design concept, it was beautiful! I can't find it now although I've looked. I think it was a competition winner.  

  • I prefer tupperware. lol

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