What Ning 3.0 Has to Offer!

Ning 3.0 is going to revolutionize the way we all use DiyDrones.com with all the new features (New Chat Room Feature!!!!) and the updated features that Ning 2.0 currently offers.  Below is a list of things that Ning 3.0 is going to bring to the DiyDrones.com Table!:

  • A redesigned Chat feature that won't cause any website lag and we can finally have the Chat Room feature on the front page like everyone wants! 
  • A redesigned Blog feature
  • Much greater page and layout flexibility, including the ability to create multiple instances of each feature
  • Granular controls for privacy, contributors and moderation for each page and instance of a feature
  • A simpler, yet more powerful Design Studio
  • An updated, logical 960pixel 16 column HTML grid for expert designers
  • A more contemporary, clean look to all features
  • Responsive design so your content and navigation automatically adjust to smartphones and tablets
  • A new, simpler way to pull in a YouTube or Vimeo channel

Groups (now available)

The Groups feature is now live on all Ning 3.0 networks! Read the announcement and check out how Creators are using Groups on Ning 3.0.

The Groups feature has been completely redesigned for Ning 3.0. Think: all the power and flexibility of a Ning Network within your main network. You can add multiple instances of each feature including Blog, Forum, Photos, and Custom Pages to your Groups. You can move content from the Group Forum to the main network Forum and vice versa. Members can be automatically signed-up for a Group based on profile questions, and we've done away with the concept of Group Ownership to allow for greater management and control by Network Creators. 

Threaded Comments (now available)

We've added a nine-level threaded commenting system (like the one used here on Creators) and a two-level threaded commenting system. In total, you have three native commenting systems to choose from. Read the announcement.

3689555865?profile=originalNing 2.0 to 3.0 Upgrade Process

This toolset will make it possible for Ning 2.0 Networks to import members and content over to Ning 3.0. Details on the upgrade process can be found here.


The messaging feature will allow you to send and receive messages through the network. New to Messaging in Ning 3.0 will be the option for the Network Creator to select whether the ability to send a private message is available between any community member or just friends.


3689556009?profile=originalSearch your discussions and blog posts by title, keyword or content. Search members by name or profile questions.


APIs with read/write/edit functions for all Ning features. Member creation will be possible via an API with read/write functionality.


The Chat feature encourages for real-time conversation on your network. It's a fun and easy way for members to participate in your community. 

Ning 3.0 Features Still to Come:

Events, video feature for embeds, Language Editor, updated activity feeds, and more.


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  • That is great news JJ! Thanks for taking this up, it will surely be appreciated!

  • No Problem Jeroen anytime!  I have noticed myself that the mobile optimized view is very limited.  This is something that Ning is addressing and fixing for Ning 3.0.  Whenever I browse diydrones via tablet or Ipod Touch I always just type the address into safari and opt out of the "Mobile Optimized View".  Once the Admin team is ready for Ning 3.0 the user experience for the Tablet and Smartphone users will be a lot more improved and user friendly.  Hopefully this will help drive up engagement like you mentioned!

    P.S. I have a large list written down of things to look into when Ning 3.0 rolls out.  If the admin team lets me assist in the roll over and stuff I'll make sure that I check out Tap-a-talk integration and its already on the top of my list in my notebook.

    Joshua Johnson Aka "JJ" - Diy Drones News -

  • Ah cool thanks, so indeed more than 10% of your visitors are viewing it on their mobiles. For those, DIYDrones offers a "mobile optimized view" (try it!). It is very limited, I can't even write comments on Blogs there.

    Not only do I think that mobile visitors are entitled to a satisfactory user experience, but I even predict that having that will attract lots of new forum members; for example: any Tapatalk-activated forum is listed in a searchable forum registry that gets recommended to new users based on their interests.

  • I have suggested embedded polls for things in the past but I think they want to wait til 3.0 until they do any HTML editing.  If you look here: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/diy-drones-at-44-000-members you can see those statistics at the bottom of the blog.  I'm sure an admin could give you the statistics to that question precisely using the Diy Drones Google Analytics account.  

  • Well, yeah, this is about some 3rd party app for iOS, not related to Tapatalk. It seems that when a forum owner wants toactivate Tapatalk support to its forum, he must be running one of the forum types listed there. This list however does not show Ning as an option.

    Why is DIYDrones running such a relatively unknown forum type in the first place? It has it's own look 'n' feel, but not very usable. For instance, I hate it that the paging buttons are not displayed on top and the site never resumes where I left off reading. Other types of forum software bring these small, much needed usability features.

    I'd like to know how many of us are reading DIYDrones on their computer and how many on their phones/tablets. You'll be surprised; maybe a poll can be created for this?

  • This is all the good useful information I can find on anyone trying to solve the issue.  Its a year old but maybe you can find something useful in it.


  • On Android there is also a free version, which is quite feature rich too. But yeah, support for it would be greatly appreciated! DIYDrones is the only forum that I need to read "manually" and I don't get automatic notifications for either :(

    Would be great to be able to read it on the go, along with RCGroups, FPVlab, OpenRcForums, etc.

  • Moderator

    Its Ning that does not allow us to enable it properly yet Jeroen, that's just one of the issues the platform faces.

  • @Jeroen,  I googled it but when I saw that you had to purchase it I figure you probably owned it and could tell me more about it and how it could help this community then what I found on google.  Maybe Ning 3.0 will change that for ya! :)  I'm going to google Tap-A-Talk and Ning and see what I can come up with.  You might not be the first person to complain about such issues.  

  • @Joshua Johnson Didn't Google it I presume? Tapatalk is the one app for mobile forum reading. I read lots of forums everyday, all through this amazing app, but DIYDrones (or the community software it runs on) doesn't seem to support it which is a big nuisance.

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