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O'Reilly Radar has a cool report on a speech at Maker Faire last week by White House Office of Science and Technology official Thomas Kalil.

Key sentence: "We are seeing the early beginnings of a powerful Maker innovation ecosystem. New products and services will allow individuals to not only Design it Yourself, but Make it Yourself and Sell it Yourself."

He highlighted DIY Drones as a good example of that: "For example, one community called DIYDrones has developed a $500 unmanned aerial vehicle using open source chip sets and gyroscopes."

The full speech is here.

(picture from Kalil's talk earlier this year at AUVSI)

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  • It's always bad when the government takes notice because:

    a) they didn't do anything to help it happen
    b) they'll take the credit for it happening anyway
    c) they'll get involved and wrap it all in pretty red tape.
  • T3
    Cmon he lived for 20 years in post-cold war era...
    BTW are there any widely used open-source chips in the world? Maybe some free VHDL code for FPGAs?
  • Bozak - you got to filter for the speaker and understand. His persepctive is black-ops cold war nonsense. Most regular people think UAVs are just soooo advanced and other nonsense, such that "real" UAVs are products of secret development programs.

    I openly buy my chips from Digikey, Mouser, etc. They are not custom silicon.
  • T3
    "open source chip sets "
    That pretty much sums it up. He has no clue, but something is moving on in good direction. Keep up the good work!
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