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We're starting another year of weekly DIY Drones podcasts, and we need your help in choosing guests. Who should we invite to join us for a half-hour Q&A, to be recorded for the podcast audience? Anybody who is doing something cool is a good candidate, professional or amateur--we've had everyone from NASA scientists to other hobbyists. Please give us suggestions in the comments below. Who would you like to hear from?
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  • I'd like to hear from Dave Mathewson, president of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, for his take on how personal (hobby?) UAVs fit in with Aeromodeling.
  • Developer
    How about Max Safai from Neato robotics. Or one of the engineers there.
  • I don't think we want to hit the peace folks with much more info. I tried to share the notion with them that not all drones kill, they're on the watch list for now.
  • I vote for Caleb from CHrobotics, I am testing his IMU, should post a report soon. Dr Kalman sounds appropriate, also, does anyone think we could get him to talk for us?
  • How about Holger Buss, the brain behind MK.
  • T3
    Someone from Procuerus UAV, Cloudcap, Micropilot, ARCAA (organisers of the UAV Outback Challenge), FAA/CASA/JAR, AMA/MAAA, Boeing, BAE Systems, Insitu, IAI, perhaps a military UAV pilot interview. Maybe break it down by theme; i.e. Technology (Geek Out), Regulations, Business, Education - might need to go to two podcasts a week !!! :)
  • Please consider inviting Chris McNair. I'd like to hear about his airframe work and powerplant efficiency tweaks he's made for long(er) duration flights.
  • Nate Seidle (diydrones partner)
  • Michael Zaffuto nailed it, I would love to hear a podcast with Dr. Rudolf E. Kalman if that is possible.
  • Curt Olson (UAVs, FlightGear, simulations, synthetic view, open source software)
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