Wii Motion Plus Decoded

Hi everyone, Ive been a member here for a while and though Ive gotten a lot out of following along with all the great projects here, I havent really had much to contribute back (aside from referring friends). Well now I do! I posted this over at the arduino forums but I figured it would have a lot of impact here too: I have successfully read the gyro data from the Wii Motion Plus peripheral. I posted code and some additional info on my shiny new blog: here and if someone can tell me how to post code on diydrones, I'll gladly post code here too.


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  • @dydx, all my code does is initialize and decode the gyro data that comes from the motion plus sensor. the data you are seeing is the actual angular rate. if you integrate that once, youd get position(or angle). Im assuming that is what you are looking for. It is the same with an accelerometer, to get positional data you'd have to integrate twice to get angle. Luckily, earth's gravity is constant and so as long as you assume the sensor is not accelerating(big if), the two integrations yield nothing but the constant from gravity from which you can get position(or angle)
  • Hi Knuckles

    I've had a look at your code and have a query. According to wiibrew website, the WM+ provides angular rates which would require integration. However your code does not seem to integrate the sensor data.
    Can you clarify? I may be missing something.
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    Just click on the icon on the right of the edit row, and you can upload any file.
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