An update on my project (please see my previous two posts).


This is a screencast of APM2 running in HIL mode with the X-plane RC plane in an 8kt wind over a simple course, takeoff, circuit including loiter, land, fully auto (radio not touched). In JSBSim/SITL results are actually better than X-plane HIL which has poor resolution and slow sensor update.


If anyone wants to try this firmware, in X-plane or in HIL or SITL *please* let me know. I would like testers.

I can build it for APM1, ardupilot-mega and APM2 boards or of course there is the desktop version for SITL

I'll upload the source to a git clone soon as well.


My plan is to fly a skyfun and/or skywalker with it when the weather relents.

features so far:

Same base code as ArduPlane, but new navigation, stabilize and autopilot PDEs






WAYPOINTS and the normal mission planner stuff


mode switching

Auto-trim - boot with elevator stick at top of the range and plane will fly a short routine to self-tune as soon as you hit AUTO mode.

Presets - presets for several different kinds of UAVs

More free memory

Trig lookup tables to free up cpu

50hz navigation

GPS extrapolation

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  • Developer

    Hi Justin, I'm back from my conference now and I'd love to have a look at your work. Could you point me at your patches?

  • Justin, I'm interested in testing it in SITL mode too.

  • Please, do post about the auto takeoff/land.

  • Moderator

    Looks realy nice, I would be interested in testing the SITL setup, aswell as one for APMv1

  • The sharp eyed may notice there was no track following between waypoints 6 and 7

    this was not because of wind or anything, but because there was a speed change command between waypoint 6 and 7 this the navigator did not have a "from" bearing on its way to 7, so it just made a bee-line.

    I've fixed this, but could not be bothered to re-do the screen cast.

    There is a bunch of stuff I can say about LAND, TAKEOFF and Auto-trim, if anyone is interested just ask.

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