Wireless Power Solution for Drones

Wirelessly powered drone by GET technology from GET corp on Vimeo.

Our team of world-class engineers continues working on wireless power technology, and we aim to deliver industrial solution next year – to provide safe and efficient high-power long distance wireless power transmission, and deploy wireless power networks for drones in cities across the globe.

We are glad to present new video of the drone powered completely wirelessly by GET technology (as many suggested in their feedback, this time we made the flight without a tether) – enjoy and share!

Check more http://getcorp.com

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  • @Dmitry - I like it. It's an area of technology that needs to be explored and the presence of wireless power on a large scale is a very attractive concept. This idea translates to all kinds of vehicles, laptops, headphones etc. and whilst it may be 50 years ahead of its time I applaud your vision. Good luck!

  • Well, has a drone  *ever* hovered like this before?

    Looks pretty spectacular to me ...

  • I don't see it been practicall , no way soon  if always  the way is advertised on the title , it is just the old and known  wireless charging station , ( high freq  "transformer  " , that could be valid to any , electrically powered device )

    unless for very, very specific  prepared environments and applications ..

     what is the novelty or "disruptive" technology on this , 

    what am i missing ??

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