This picture does not necessarily represent the sUAS used in this incident.

By Julie Balise

A sunbather on Virginia Beach claims she was sexually harassed by a drone, which she says was being used to spy on women.

In a post on Reddit describing the incident earlier this week, the woman wrote she was relaxing at the beach with her mother when she heard a whirring noise and noticed a remote-controlled aircraft nearby. She resumed napping.

The woman then noticed the drone was flying very close to female beach-goers and had a camera attached to it, according to her Reddit post. After the device hovered close to her and her mother, the woman said she located the men controlling it and approached them. She told them the device was “seriously creepy.” One responded, “It isn’t going to hurt you,” according to her Reddit post.

Full article here: Drone Harassment

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  • People shooting them down will be the ones breaking the law. And once again they will be the ones making reasonable, responsible, law abiding gun owners look bad.  That said, if someone is legitimately using it to hover outside their neighbor's bathroom window, I would be not at all be upset with it's untimely destruction.  The operator deserves to have it destroyed.

  • We had a local TV news station do a story on, "drones," that featured a guy saying he was going to shoot them down if/when he saw them because they were invading his privacy. Unfortunately, many of the comments to that story on their Facebook page were from people with similar sentiments. "SHOOT 'EM DOWN," seemed to be the general consensus, and it made me shake my head. Does this potential reckless discharge of firearms into the air not concern others in the general public, or is it just me? Seems its just me...

    Anyway, I noticed more questions after that story, and unfortunately many were related to the, "spying," aspect of them. The incident with the woman I mentioned above was also after this story, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a connection.

  • If you want pictures/video of women at the beach use a camera with a long lens. This is what most of the " Creeps" do. Using a drone is not real bright...

  • ^^ flying at a beach also isn't the best idea either, if you wreck, sand and grit will make for some tough cleaning and definitely require dismantling motors for deep cleaning. I do realize that for some people like in California near the coast, a beach may be the clearest, largest opening you have for flying your automated aerial hedge trimmer. 

  • despite her stupidity and blatent selfishness to make it all about her being spied on despite the UAV having sqaure miles worth of range... there is some validity to the claim that she's being peeped at.. when a bell helicopter flies overhead, you don't expect it to drop from altitude and hover/circle around your home, beach towel, etc. Now I'm not sure this is the case, but one could only assume that you're being peeped at if a hover/ low circling manuever is being carried out. needless to say, the operator knows exactly what he's doing and he stepping over the line a little bit. If flying at a beach, put it up in the air and have a good time at alt! Despite all of this, no level of acknowledgement or sensitivity to people's privacy can counteract some crazy women's hellbent will to screw you over as a weekend warrior hobbyist. BS. Cops will definitely be siding with the public and the public safety on this especially when the culprit is a 1000$+ flying hedgetrimmer!

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    Nice discussion going here.

    I am glad to see input concerning "drone spying" coming in from other members and being discussed as to the impact on the hobby sUAS community.

    Unfortunately I think that this is just another example of the "done hysteria" that is apparently starting to grip the public in general.


    TCIII Admin

  • I guess I'm very lucky.  I fly in the field in my neighborhood where hundreds of people of all ages and background walk by.  They all think it is the coolest thing.  When people ask me about it, I avoid the word drone for obvious reasons, it is my "helicopter with four blades to make it more stable."  I show them what I can see with the cameras on the FPV monitor. A few people have asked if I can spy on people with it. I ask them to look at it and answer their own question.  It is big, brightly colored, full of flashing lights, and loud as hell.  I couldn't spy on a cemetery.  I also am not hovering outside my neighbors windows, or following them around at low altitude.  The only problem is all the kids pester their parents about wanting one.

  • @Pedals to Paddles. No. I did quit flying, but I went over, packed up, let the kids play a little more, then finally left. She eyeballed me the whole time though. I fought back on my urge to go over and tell her she was now being the creepy one, staring me down. Pick your battles, I say. That was one I was not willing to fight though. Honestly, I have more people ask me legitimate questions, and listen to my responses, really curious about these things. I prefer that kind of encounter better.
  • My wife's mother thought the Mafia controlled the Internet I'm sure she would have thought "drones" were demons too.

    Reality is often subjugated to totems and taboos.

    People are not really very logical, more commonly simply using reason to justify emotional responses to things.

    Maybe we need a brochure to hand out when approached by the curious (or the stupid) that explains who we are, what we are doing and why our drones are a good thing not the end of society as we know it.

    I'll see what I can do.

  • @HeliStorm, Did you actually leave because of her? I would have stayed right there and let her whine all she wants. It isn't her personal park. In fact I might have considered calling the police myself to report HER.

    @Muhammad, I don't think the police are entitled to simply take something of yours because someone else doesn't like it.

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