Work in progress : Indoor light track


I wanted to share with you our latest work in progress on lighting technologies for drone racing.

This is just the beginning but it look already amazing :)

I hope you'll enjoy it !

I've you're interested in such technologies feel free to contact me.

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  • Yes I'm a big fan of Wipeout. When I first saw FPV racing I didn't thought about Star Wars but Wipeout :D

  • The movements are so like wipeout, sony was precog :)

  • Quite surprised  that you can run a full race in your amazing track with the 7mm motors, you should try a 8mm mod, that would be like going from acid to ecstasy :-))

    I just love these Silverxx Hacks, I never had so much fun for so little money !!

    Keep us updated 

  • This is a stock H8 mini with a few mods :

    - 260mah batteries

    - Silver13 firmware

    - FX797T camera

    - Antenna mod

    - Custom antenna protection (for both radio and FPV) 3D printed in semiflex material (very efficient and only 1.3g)

    I fly it with a Devo 7E modified with DeviationTX + NRF24L01 radio module.

    Here is the beast :D

  • Ah I could bring my RC'ed Crazyflie in :)

  • Houlalala !!!  This is not a smooth ride in the park !!

    Can you tell us a little bit about your H8Mini Rocket ?

    I'd like to try your track with my ''Orange Crush''

    - ''Silverised'' H8 Mini

    - 3D print 105 Frame

    -Ciaoli 8x20 mm motors / HK 500 & 750ma Batteries

    -Banggood ''deals'' FPV

    -Flying with modified Futaba = Goebish radio mod


  • Thanks Maxime, 

    This is just first tests, more to come. Especially animated led modules :D

  • PapayMaurice your light track, even if bit behind the Vegas one, is awesome.
  • Yes ! I'm really inspired by the game Wipeout (Playstation  where soundtrack was also prodigy :)

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