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  • This is by far the coolest Quad I have ever seen.

  • I think that's kinda like asking why are there monster trucks. It's just different and fun.

    To flip a quad you don't need collective pitch. 

  • What would be the main advantage/s of this over a 3D helicopter?  You lose efficiency and flight time by adding rotors and decreasing their diameter, and by introducing collective pitch you also lose a conventional quad's primary advantage of minimal mechanical complexity.

    I'm hoping that somebody who has experience flying 3D helicopters can suggest how this 4-rotor configuration might be advantageous.

  • this is the future of aerobatics quad !!! insane

  • Quadcopter + Collective Pitch + World Class 3D Helicopter Pilot = Totally Insane!

    Can't wait to see more on this although for me trying to fly like that is always going to be called crashing.


    this is the best pilot i have seen

  • The AscTec version was never economically viable.  It would be notable if the youngblood team found a way to make it affordable.  It's not the 3D quad you're supposed to notice, but the GOPRO HERO 3, another piece of technology no-one in the world has been able to reproduce at the same price.  There's definitely a trend towards products based on neither patents or open source, but mass production techniques that no-one can reproduce.

  • I was going to say the same thing as Jean. IT is cool that it's an H-Quad though.

  • It is not the world's first 3D quad, as mentioned here:

    However it is an incredibly cool project, and something I'm really looking forward to seeing more of.

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