By Darren Quick

November 25, 2013

Parrot's AR Drone quadcopter has been strutting its smartphone-controlled stuff for a few years now, but fixed wing remote controlled aircraft have been a little thinner on the ground – and in the air. TobyRich, a German company specializing in smartphone-controlled gadgets, has now launched its SmartPlane, which it calls "the first smartphone-controlled airplane in the world."

Here is a close-up of the lightweight plane: 

3689560523?profile=originalFull article here: SmartPlane

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  • I hope it flies better than my Tomy Aero Soarer

  • I guess the Iphly doesn't count???

  • hm is it just me or look the 2 phone apps the same :) i guess the have the tech and you can either pack it into epp or strap it on the back of a paper-plane

  • Lol - it's the same guy involved - Toby Rich.

  • Moderator

    And the next thing that landed in my inbox, the kickstarter for the paper dart started today!!!!

  • Moderator

    What about that motor ad on for paper darts, is that no tablet or phone controlled? I can't remember its name.

  • Distributor
    Rudder and throttle. Just like the small Silverlit planes
  • Well, we'll find out I guess...just ordered one :-)

  • Hold the phones...this looks like it has rudder *only*. Hows that work then? Throttle instead of elevator?

  • Groovy!

    First one to upgrade this to a 3S brushless monster with FPV gets a gold star...:-)

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