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  • Hi Christiaan, did you get the tricycle landing gear with your wing extensions?

    I have mine, but it came with no instructions on how to install/secure it, or even how to put together the smaller laser cut pieces of wood I can't find a good use for.

    Did you install yours, or you're not using it?

    And do you have a link to instructions by any chance?


  • Hi Christiaan!

    I hope you are doing well, sorry to post this here but I have been trying to get in couth with you several times but every email bouce back. We need to order several Talons + Wing extensions ASAP. Can you please email me

    Thanks a lot!

  • What is the airfoil of Talon ? any idea ...

  • O yes we added a camera and this was the result

  • @Gary, we flown again yesterday and with the extension wings this plane is as dorsal as a little kitty. I am going to epoxy the wings together. We did a fly by wire B and this plane was impossible to crash, as well as the stalling speed in 0 wind was around 33km/h. This is an absolutely great plane. I will be sending your planes today.

  • You can use guerrilla epoxy glue. 

  • MR60

    @Christiaan, what glue did you use to glue the CF spars on the EPO foam of the fuselage ?

  • Moderator

    Ohh that's interesting I look forward to exploring it. I did write the stall down somewhere but have lost it. Will let know next week when I fly it again ;-)

  • I would be afraid the tail surfaces will stall first at lower speeds now. I had experience with that on a large UAS in Afghanistan.

  • What will you say the stall speed of the Talon is now? And what do you think it will be with the wing extensions?

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