X8 + APM 2.5 - Setup Photos


I've received a number of requests to show the detail inside the X8 that we've been trialing.  So here we go with some photo's of my terribly messy cabling, and configuration.  Hopefully the next one will be nice and tidy.

Most equipment is attached to the foam using velcro (aka hook and loop) that is stuck onto the equipment and then velcro'ed down.  I like this method as I can remove and move around equipment without damaging the equipment or the a/c.

The APM has some additional sticky foam on the bottom of it before the velcro was applied.  The intent here was to provide some vibration separation for the gyro's.

Below you can see where the batteries are placed.



In the above photo you can see the X8 from the front and top.  You can see the 3DR telemetry radio half way down on the right hand side of the photograph.

3689479178?profile=originalHere you can see the pan/tilt mechanism, with the KX181 camera attached along with the cloverleaf "Fat Shark" antenna.

3689479144?profile=originalThe above picture is the video transmitter mounted on the foam behind the pan/tilt.  The antenna connection pokes out the top.  The velcro (hook and loop) that you can see is used to hold the batteries in place.  One flight battery (4S 3000mAH) and one "systems" battery (4S 1200mAH).  I get around an hour of service out of the systems battery and around 20-30 minutes out of the flight battery depending upon the task.

3689479110?profile=originalThe above photo shows from bottom in clockwise direction, my futaba 8 channel receiver, the uBlox receiver and the APM 2.5.  This is mounted in the immediate belly of the A/C as you remove the top.


In the above photo you can see the speed controller for the motor at the rear of the A/C.

I hope all that detail shows everyone what they were asking about.  You'll have to excuse my terrible cabling as we put it together a bit slap'dash.  The next build will be much more interesting.

Coming up in the next few day's I'll post some video footage, and also some more details about our first gimbal enabled camera flights.

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  • Mine is at 6.5lbs and has static thrust of 3.0 kg. x8 outruns the batmobile.
  • The note gives my Telephone number and offer of reward. I have covered it up on the picture for privacy reasons.

    The orange tray. They were the end caps on the packaging for a window blind we bought. I stuck some foam in the bottom just in case of vibration.

    Mine is using a Eflite power 32 with two 4s Lipos in parallel, 12 x 7 prop gives 945 watts and the X8 goes vertical.

  • Alan, Just curious what your note to someone finding your UAV says?...Also what are you using for the orange tray that your APM is mounted in.  Looks like a nice fit.

  • neat setup you have there... keep us posted on the flight reviews and perfomance.

    What is the power you are using for the setup?

  • Neat Setup you got there...

    Keep us posted on the review and the performance.

  • Mine is just under 6 lbs.

  • Out of interest, what weight are you guys flying the X8 at?
  • Here are some pictures of my setup.

    I used to take the prop off when it was on the bench but now I have it in a padded bag


  • yes you are correct.. servo arms on top will help save the servo pushrods and the arm and the servo itself. I have installed landing skids( big size) on each wing to protect the servos and scratching on the ground. My travels are normal.. (+100 and -100)

  • A couple build questions, I've seen people run they're servo arms out the top I assume to avoid any damage when landing in rough grass or uneven terrain, how are you guys running yours and lastly what kind of +/- servo up down travel are you running?



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