X8 Flying wing now available from Hobbyking

IMG_23641.jpgThis flying wing has been around for a while, but now it is also available from Hobbyking. The X8 is made from EPO and with spars in the wing and canopy, this aircraft is virtually indestructable. With a wingspan of 2120mm (about 83.5 inch) this wing is capable of carrying some pretty nice gear for FPV or UAV's. It should be able to carry 1-1.5kg in extra weight. There is a camera mount in the nose and a forward oblique mount for GoPro camera's.

Even though this plane is big, it is easy to transport it. Both the wing panels and the vertical stabilisers are bolt on. The canopy is hold on by magnets. There is a spar molded into each wing panel.

To complete this aircraft, the following items are suggested:

  • 400 - 800 watt motor (depending on your AUW)
  • Propellor: 12x6 - 13x8 (foldable?)
  • Battery, depending on motor size: 4S/3000mAh - 6S/5000mAh
  • Speed controller: 40 - 70 Amps

Available from Hobbyking now for US$ 164.95: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__27132__Skywalker_X_8_FPV_UAV_Flying_Wing_2120mm.html&aff=5361


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  • The launch is just like any other tail-rotor flying wing. Throw first, then start the motor. Never had problems with that kind of method.
  • With propeller behind I was wondering what would be the best way to launch it. Any thoughts ?

  • I think they are talking about in relation to balsa planes.  Still it is good to see the x-8 a few dollars cheaper.  conventionally they cost about 240$ to get from BEV-RC.  One thing people have to realise about these things is that they are huge.  You need fold down seats in a car to own one.  

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