X8 flying wing

New wing from Skywalker factory >>X8 UAV platform<<

For those who want Long range / Long flying time / High payload the new X8 wing will get you there..



The wing X8, will be released early 2012.

Wing span: 2122mm

Wing area: 80dm2

valid payload: 1000-2000g

X8 use KV730 2820 Motor, 40-60A ESC and 1260, 1280 prop


X8 skywalker wing

I'm already in love with this bird...


Now the X8 wing is ready in strong EPO foam


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  • Really Thanks Adam for your info. I also will buy this model and I think I go with 4s 15000. Will post the results here. My goal is to have a large autonomy to a good speed ...

  • @Giuseppe - I'm running right now at about 50-60% throttle on an eflite power 32, 12x8 prop, 60 amp ESC, and 2x3s 4400mAh = 8800 mAh and seeing flight times around 35 minutes or so. If you scale that up to 15000mAh you could probably expect closer to an hour, although I don't know what the effect the increased voltage would have.

    I have no baseline for comparison with the zephyr, I'm very new to the hobby. The APM is reporting the crusing speed at 50-60% throttle to be 50 mph. We've had it up over 70 mph in level flight at full throttle. We're having a little trouble slowing it down for landings b/c it has such a ridiculously good glide slope!

    The base gains for roll an pitch were a bit sluggish. I will publish a file once I have it all dialed in, but will of course depend on what servo horns you use, etc. The horns that come with the plane are crap. Also, don't just mount the motor plate using the provided glue. Put a plate opposite the foam the brackets it to be safe!

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    Words from factory: It Will be made again in 1-2 month.
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    I'm not 100% sure I understand your point. Of cause thread like this Can and Will be posted ón diydrones. A platform like X8 is like a component for making a diy drone.
  • I'm liking this thread. However, I need a little clarity on what is DIY. As I read the name of this thread "X8 Flying Wing". Since the X8 is a commercial product, I'm not sure why it is even referenced as a DYI Plane? Maybe it's just me but nobody seems to object to this thread, they seems to object to some of the comments. From what I've read I haven't read anything objectable. In my mind if the thread is allowed then anything is fair game as long as it's factual. Given that there is always the chance for collateral damage. I think all issues around the X8 should be in one place. For now let's keep everything here and let the thread chips fall as they may.
    However, it's not my thread, manage it anyway you like
  • Adam, comparing the zephyr ritewing, what speed performance it has? and what autonomy would be able to have with 4s 15000 mah in your opinion?


  • I have. It's a sweet, slow flying, stable platform. I have two of the EPS version sold by fpvflying. Working on getting an APM 1 tuned this coming week.3692349221?profile=original

  • Has anyone who isn't trying to sell it actually flown this plane?

  • Just looked on the bevrc site and they are now listing the X8 white EPO as in stock for $199

    Curious what Hooks is hearing?
  • Hello Mr. Scott

    I generally do not like overly bashing an individual or company. One has to observe limits.

    I agree with u that we need to discuss the parts and repairs issues. I am having a rather urgent issue with them. If you fly the arducopter a lot and specially in difficult weather, you need to be careful which parts to use and how much the repairs might cost.

    Thanx for your comment

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