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Adam Crain posted a discussion
Hi,Does anyone know when the new ARM based Arduinos will be available? I know the annoucement came last September. I'm really excited about these since they can do native double calculations.-Adam
Feb 25, 2012
Adam Crain posted a discussion
My APM2 powers from the input rail with the jumper off, but will not power from the output rail (pin 3 esc) with the jumper on. How do I diagnose this to determine if it's a fault board?thanks,Adam
Feb 19, 2012
Adam Crain commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post X8 flying wing
"@Giuseppe - I'm running right now at about 50-60% throttle on an eflite power 32, 12x8 prop, 60 amp ESC, and 2x3s 4400mAh = 8800 mAh and seeing flight times around 35 minutes or so. If you scale that up to 15000mAh you could probably expect closer…"
Feb 8, 2012
Adam Crain commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post X8 flying wing
"I have. It's a sweet, slow flying, stable platform. I have two of the EPS version sold by fpvflying. Working on getting an APM 1 tuned this coming week."
Feb 3, 2012
Adam Crain posted a discussion
I'm following the directions on the ArduPlane wiki for getting HIL working with XPlanes. It seems there's a new version of xplanes (v10). They're advertising it for 79$. The wiki claims $29? Any advice on version. I don't see a version other than…
Dec 30, 2011
Adam Crain posted a discussion
Hi all,I just received an APM 1.0 module from udrones (have a 2.0 on backorder), but am stuck on a certain step of the setup. What I've accomplished so far:1) Uploaded ardupilot 2.27 alpha from the mission planner2) Wired up my receiver and a few…
Dec 25, 2011
Adam Crain replied to Adam Crain's discussion Still camera recommendation for aerial survery from UAV
"Short update:
I've pretty much resigned myself to mod-ing a consumer digital camera. There are lots of industrial cameras out there with rs232 interfaces, but none of them seem to include flash memory... the last thing I want to do is pull the…"
Oct 7, 2011
Adam Crain posted a discussion
Hi, I'm looking for a camera recommendation. Here are some requirements: 1) Zoom not required.2) Good optics and high pixel count for aerial imaging.3) External triggering. Could be as simple as digital IO or as complex as serial protocol.4) Light…
Oct 4, 2011