X8 flying wing

New wing from Skywalker factory >>X8 UAV platform<<

For those who want Long range / Long flying time / High payload the new X8 wing will get you there..



The wing X8, will be released early 2012.

Wing span: 2122mm

Wing area: 80dm2

valid payload: 1000-2000g

X8 use KV730 2820 Motor, 40-60A ESC and 1260, 1280 prop


X8 skywalker wing

I'm already in love with this bird...


Now the X8 wing is ready in strong EPO foam


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  • I'll post up some pictures when I get home from work.
  • yea mine was beat up perty good to back 2 inches of the wing tip was broke but a lot of dings  was wanting to cover it with that carbon vinyl any ways 

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    Could you please show some pictures?
  • Just received mine in the mail and I have to say there are some things I am less then impressed about:

    -I ordered black EPO foam. NOT white EPO foam RESPRAYED BLACK.

    -The packaging could be better. This would avoid slight damage to the tips of the wings at the trailing edges.

    - Fit could be a hell of a lot better. I am going to have to trim a fair few bits of foam so the fuselage fits together.

    Having said all that, I am looking forward to the build immensely.

  • not yet still working on missing parts and carbon strips in the wings 

  • Mine is on order. Has anyone fitted retract gear/retract nose skid ? if so what did you fit and how did it go ?

    I did see on rcgroups a guiy made a dolly for take off. I intyent to cover mine in 3m carbon vinyl any feedback on this is it a good or bad idea ?


    I think that this airframe opens up a new challenge for drones. Longest X8 auto flight. Take off, cruise and landing hehe !!


    I intend to run mine with an fpv camera and the camera tracking code set with an HD hero mounted in the nose with pan and tilt. I want to mees with the code a bit to create a new script element that will allow camera tracking of the active waypoint :-)

    Thanks in advance.

  • X8 (last series) short maiden flight - easy job


  • castle 50 castle 10 amp bec you can go a little bigger Im trying to go with long flight time you can shoot him a email and he can hook you up but I still get my batt. from HK you can go here with X8 stuff trying to get PID setting on this site

  • Thanks for the info James.  What size ESC are you using with that setup?

  •    I went with 3020 890 kv on 4s with 12 6 just a higher kv on 3s this guy has great serv shiped mine the same day

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