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    Hi Reto,

    Call me Tom, Thomas is way too formal.

    Unfortunately I am just getting started and do not have any experience other than pulling the modules together and purchasing the antennas. I presently am using a 900MHz +5dbi moble base antenna, but plan to purchase a +8dbi patch antenna when a tracking servo system of reasonable cost comes along.

  • Can these units be used as a means to increase the transmition quality of an existing 2.4gig system, or does one need the xbee receiver on the ground as well? Also I don't recognise a provision for the standard 2.4gig ground plane, or is that meatal on the back of the unit its ground plane?
  • Thanks Thomas for your reply. I have duck antennas, 8dbi patch antenny and spare RPSMA connectors ready! Do you have some range experience with this settings? Thanks.
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    If you are using the 900 MHz XBee Pro 60 mw modules then you can use X-CTU to update the modules with the latest software and assign them the same network ID number. See Chris Anderson's instructions here:

    You will need either the Adafruit or Sparkfun USB adapter boards to allow your PC to communicate with the modules.

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    Use the standard wire antenna on the aircraft, but use a +5dbi mobile base antenna or an +8dbi patch antenna for your base station module. This means that you will need a XBee Pro 60mw module with a RP SMA connector for connecting antennas that have the equivalent connector.

    You can use a rubber ducky antenna on the aircraft, but then you must have an XBee module with a RP SMA antenna connector.

    I noticed that Sparkfun is selling 900MHz RP SMA rubber ducky antennas now.

  • Thanks Chris; I don't have a clue Reto, buuuuuut........ I have a question; By setup utility do you mean X-CTU Software & XBee Explorer USB? Or a certain serial input or what?

    -thanks rd
  • I jump in here to ask if someone made tests with the XBee Pro 60mW but with another antenna than the standard wire it comes with? Can one expect increased range with such modification?
  • 3D Robotics
    All Xbees are the same in that regard. You just need to pair it with another module with the setup utility, just like any other Xbee.
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