Xcompact is launched on Indiegogo!


Thank you all for your feedback!

After collecting opinions around the internet I am feeling optimistic about my project and ready to push forward.

A careful search and a long-lasting correspondence with Chinese manufactures revealed several options for CNC production (aluminum and carbon fiber) with an affordable price a small MOQ of 200 pieces for each custom part.


In the current design custom parts are used at least 4-5 times each, so my MOQ is ~40 frame kits.

Therefore, together with my friends we decided to make a crowdfunding campaign (with a fixed goal that corresponds to the MOQ). We have experience in CAD drawing/modeling, CNC production and project management.

However, it looks like we should have taken more care about the media, as no one yet knows about us.

Xcompact campaign

I hope to solve it soon and will be grateful for any help with spreading the info.


Personally I would rather spend more time on tests. I have recently got samples for leg mounts. Such detachable landing gear will save a lot of space. Currently I am thinking about an experiment with dynamic stress.

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  • Thank you, Glenn!

    It will work with folding props and also with quick release prop adapters (I took the first pic from web)


    Front arms can rise, so motors can pass even if they were at the same level.

    Also X8 octo is possible.

    I have no problems with torsion on my prototype (710 mm frame). Each of the core tubes is fixed with 4 clamps. So, for 400-700 mm frames it is enough. Moreover in Model L there is an extra module in the middle that can give 2 more clamps for each core tube.

    I have a question to you. Could you, please, advice me some Australian forums, where this project can be shared? 

  • This looks nice Denis, great work. It looks like you need to fully remove props and prop adapters to allow the arms to fold and pass past each other? 

    Also what is the torsional strength like on this frame? I.e it looks like it may easily twist around the two main CF tubes.

  • Oh, we don't need an ultimate momentum)
    My project is dedicated to very special people, and I must admit, that it is not easy to reach them. Therefore, I am asking everybody to share this at local sites, as every customer is important for me.
  • hmm, we have have an association where i am a member.

    and there are some local communication channels mostly tightly coupled with a local vendor.

    nothing which gains the ultimate momentum ;-)

  • Robert, do you have some local forums in Switzerland?
  • interesting enough to backup the project!


    i hope more will follow.

  • Thank you, Gleb!
  • Denis,   It's much more interesting than it was before.  Best regards...

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