XT-60 Parallel Battery Adapter

Here is how I made a parallel battery adapter.  Mostly because I didn't want to wait for an order from Hong Kong, but also because the commercially available parallel adapter uses #14 AWG wire, which is probably too small for my Hexacopter.

I tried to make one with wires, but I was never happy with my soldering.
I had the two male connectors on my bench when I realized that wires aren't needed:

I laid a piece of #12 solid wire across the three connectors as a bus, and soldered them together.
Then used a piece of heat-shrink that I had on hand to hide the burn marks from the soldering iron.

It definitely worked well.  I got probably ten minutes out of today's combination of two cheap 2200's.


If you decide to make one yourself. I hesitate putting two high-power batteries in parallel without some kind of isolation.
Never store the batteries connected together.  If one cell drops even a tenth of a volt, you have a dead short to the other battery. Use an inexpensive alarm on both batteries so that if either battery goes below 9V, an alarm starts beeping.
gh my phone.

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  • I used a small PCB  to fix the two connectors and covered the soldering with epoxi.

  • @Francis
    Looks neat. What is the gray compound?

  • This is my solution


  • I'm using single LiPol but have similar octopus as posted here :)
    My PDB without B: http://imageshack.us/a/img831/6002/imag0569l.jpg
  • @etienne
    you can do it your own using balance lead extensions like these: 4S and 3S

  • Can some one tell me how to link 2 balance connectors together please? as Francisc Bereczky did?

  • After the solderings, I wrap insulating tape around the middle, and before the solderings I put a little piece of cardboard or ply wood separating + and - areas just to make sure.

  • Thanks for the picture Rui.
    How do you insulate de contacts?

  • I.S. ,sure, here it goes, sorry for the poor quality but, my phone has no flash. This one is one of my spares and not insulated yet. 3692510679?profile=original

  • Dean connectors seem to have patented themselves out of existence.  Ever since Hobbyking stopped selling clones, round pin connectors have dominated.  Anecdotally, parallel batteries don't have problems, even if the voltage differs slightly.  The amount of current transferred between 2 fully charged batteries depends more on the charge level than the voltage difference & isn't enough to blow up.  You can always test it with a resistor & volt meter.

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