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    Will you be able to discuss the commercial project in future?

    Dear Mark

    Every time you want.

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    This is a beautiful project.  I love every post you make with new photos!

    Will you be able to discuss the commercial project in future?

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    How big? Big enought to carry 20 kg payload. That all, this is commercial project.

  • Not want to buy, just wanted to know how big it actually is going to be when it is done and what power train you were planning on using. 

  • I love your work Vlad! I've posted lots of it on the Instagram and we've talked before. Nice to see you posting new stuff.

    Chief Editor/Advisor of DroneCafe - The Daily Cup - Joshua Johnson

  • Vlad, you can't have much shi* in your life at the moment, most of us can only dream about crafting a plane like that, and your get paid for doing it!  :)))

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    Is not a manned plane. :)))

    Specs? You want to buy?

  • That is one hell of a plane Vlad,

    But this is a forum for scale models, not full size planes, perhaps Experimental Aircraft Association is better forum for you.

    Just kidding amazing project and looking good.

    How about some specs?

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    Yes we are all angels ... a little deeper - the shovel should be washed. Is a politcorrect version.

    Yes we are all angels... and begin to dig - and there is shit. Is a real life. :)))

  • Vlad, you'll need to explain a bit more about the angels and shovels, but the build looks excellent, it's great to see such quality and attention to detail.

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