Yet another Build log - Epp FPV Part 2

Electronics arrived today :)

Glued the back wing and shaped the foam for the rudder ( Is there any other way to mount the servo rather than gluing it to the foam?)


3689405259?profile=originalInstalled the motor , which is a turnigy 35-42B 1250Kv, mount needs some hot glue


Then the ailerons , all servos are the 1800A

3689405315?profile=originalThat's all for now , if u have any advice or comments please let me know:)

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  • Here you go:



    The rudder servo horn is a bit low, and will probably get stripped eventually, but the elevator is way up out of the way of the ground.


  • would love to see some pictures of that :)
  • I flipped mine upside down and canted them at an angle so they are clear of the ground during landing. If I remember I will put up a photo later.
  • I know about the polywood mounts :) I think that putting the servos on the foam is safer for landing. Hotglue did the job ;))
  • I built mine like the instructions said.. just be careful with the spacing of the fiberglass disks - If they're not spaced right, the control rod will flex and you won't get enough movement in the control surfaces.
  • Mine came with mounts (for the tail boom) made out of a composite similar to that of the control horns.
  • original packing instruction put the servos on the tail boom with lazer cut plywood mounts.

    But havent decided if thats good or bad as of yet.

  • "Is there any other way to mount the servo rather than gluing it to the foam?"

    Since it's mounted in foam, hot glue is probably the best.

    I have used pipe cleaners before, but you would end up tearing the foam in this case.270801_sk_lg.jpg

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