Zano-style ONAGOFLY has big talk but...


In the aftermath of the Zano disaster a new micro drone has popped up boasting most of the features of the failed Zano.

There is a pre-sale tomorrow for $179 with final prices at around $200. The web site is light on information. There is no app that I can see. There is a highly suspect video that has been posted that looks recycled from some previous footage. There was a big push and Facebook for this drone.

Although this is not a crowdfunded project, the pre-sale aspect could have the same results.

Onagofly Website

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  • Interesting information about the  Onagofly that you have turned up...  "if it sounds to good to be true....."

    I also came across this cancelled kickstarter project for a larger drone of the same name that was also advertising similar features like "autofollow":

    Kickstarter Cancelled Onago Project

    Onago: Intelligent Auto-follow Drone with Camera (Canceled)
    Onago is your intelligent auto-follow and filming drone. Smooth going, easy control.
  • @Robca - thx. Just ordered it. It will fit my weight specs. I really was hoping to get a 1-2g bare module and get a <1g flexible antenna. The antennas exists as they are used in mobile phones but I guess the consumer use is not there so it is hard to find them. With a Cleanflight GPS Navi port coming up (and Taulabs already exists) I think micro GPS quads are possible in this vein and I could see them being hot on Banggood soon.

  • Thanks for the tips.

    It is a fair point about the all in one frame. But when you see and hold it it you realize that at 38g (bare with motors) it will be really hard to break unless you fly full speed into concrete--quite possible outdoors. And honestly, I will be flying it indoors this winter although it can fly like a rocket outdoors. A design feature is that arms have no copper tracks so if they do break you can cut them off and stick it on another micro frame, or frankly, a full-sized frame. 

    Peabody of Taulabs does do amazing stuff. The fact that OpenLRS (or Taulink), TX and FPV camera VTx is built in with no wires is pretty remarkable. I dare say you can design and cut with a dremel very light carbon fiber strengtheners for the arms. It could do with molded foam pieces to protect the exposed SMD components if you are really going to push it out doors. 

    To me this little thing has great potential for further development. Especially with a Cleanflight port imminent.

  • Cool frame... but spending $80 for a frame that needs to be completely replaced in case of hard crash is not a good idea for me. I prefer to have separate frame and PCB

    This module (GPS only, no compass) weighs just shy of 6g. (I just weighed it on a .1g scale)

    It's a uBlox 7, so a pretty good engine (keep in mind that none of the 7 series can do GPS and Glonass at the same time, it's one or the other. But the GPS engine is better than the proven 6 series). Clearly the smaller antenna means less sensitivity than a 25x25mm one, but I think it should have the same sensitivity as the one you link

    More info and pinout details here 

  • No need to bother with any of that. I have just got one of these. A brushed sparky 2 with a STM32F4 on board. Ok it is not brushless. And you know they will never get obstacle avoidance working on this that ONAGOFLY. Brushed Sparky2 is however Open Source and available now!


    While this is a fully fledged FPV micro quad with full RC and Android GCS at under 80g, I am forgoing the 433 OpenLRS Tx and FPV camera instead of a 8g Ublox 7 and 10g 1080 downward HD DVR micro camera and possibly Long Range Bluetooth (1000ft) for control. It will make the 'world's smallest advanced GPS guided quad' for implausible vegetable plot mapping missions on calm days. It may actually manage to get useful roof inspection stills and video.

    In any event, it will soon run Cleanflight as the beta is being ported to the STM32F4 and sparky2, and Cleanflight also has a very decent-looking GPS Navi port that is soon likely to be merged into the main branch. So between Taulabs and Cleanflight there should be enough to keep tinkerers happy all winter. Sadly APM is not going to work on this.

    If anyone has any ideas as to how I can make the GPS lighter than 9g I am all ears. I need a flexible antenna instead of that 'heavy' patch and maybe I can halve the weight.


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  • Here is the whole deal here

  • I have been trying to pry some information out of this company. Its more akin to a Chinese company in the way they reply, but that is my opinion only. Having received no straight answered information, I am holding off for now. 

  • I think the motors look better than other micros I've seen. The follow feature would not work without GPS. Not sure what that means with wifi or BT connection. 

  • I believe it's definitely trouble, and IndieGoGo is even worse than Kickstarter in their policies. so it's definitely a "stay away" red flag

    But unlike the Zano (which was impossible from a physics point of view: too small for the weight, and the direct drive brushed motors would not have been able to provide enough efficiency to fly long enough), at least there are a couple of realistic things about this. It uses a 1000mAh battery and brushless motors, on a 120mm motor to motor base, and most of their claims (minus obstacle avoidance) seem at least possible

    The company behind it is almost surely Chinese, you can tell by a classic "chinglish" terminology:

    There's Wifi mould inside the drone signals a unique signal for pairing. Player would set their own password for the wifi.

    The use of the term "player" for pilot is typical of Chinese manuals

    Honestly, it's more likely for a Chinese company to deliver a consumer drone, than for a Welsh company run by two Australians with no consumer electronics manufacturing experience at all, relying on Welsh companies to mass produce something as complex as a cheap consumer drone

  • It is now a crowdfunded project. This is trouble.

    Onagofly Indiegogo

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