Hello all. 

I've connected a Lightware SF10/c to my pixhawk serial 4/5 port as the instructions here show:http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/com...re-sf10-lidar/

My SonarRange is flat on 0. I can see that the unit is powered up because I can see the dot on the floor with a digital camera. I've triple checked continuity of the cable I made and I also (using the cable I made for the Pixhawk) with small jumpers stuck in the little connector, attached it to a USB to Serial adapter and with Putty I can see the distance just fine.

I dropped it down to 9600 baud, still nothing.

I'm new to pixhawk/apm world so I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot. I've double checked the wiring.

I currently am running firmware 3.3.2.

Lastly, this is still not done being built. This is my first experience with a Pixhawk. I'm upgrading from an Eagle Tree Vector. I'm not done rewiring. I am still waiting for a power module because I refuse to use the little 90A one that was supplied by 3DR. 

Thank you all.

Note (may be TMI): My parts list is as follows

  • Tarot FY680 Iron Man
  • Sigma Summit Motor Mounts (~740mm now)
  • PixHawk Controller
  • Mauch 4-14S 200A Power Module (pending delivery)
  • Quanum MT 3510 630KV
  • Turnigy K-Force 30A (Opto)
  • Zippy Flightmax 8Ah 6S 30C or Venom 6s 12Ah 30C
  • 13x5.5 Carbon Props
  • 3DR uBlox GPS/Compass
  • PX4FLOW Optical Flow Sensor
  • Lightware SF10-C LIDAR Altimeter 0-100m
  • Turnigy 9XR Pro
  • Floureon 915MHz Telemetry
  • 2W 1.3GHz NTSC Video Transmitter
  • HawkEye DTF-UHF 1w 16ch

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I'm pretty sure that serial 5 is not usable for a range finder. It acts as the debug port for the system.

@Duffy, did you get I2C working? The post above shows the method but then mentions that sonarrange and sonarvoltage return 0. In a previous post you mention the SF10 is working via I2C.

Did you get it working?

I too am getting 0 sonarrange and 0 sonarvolts after I've setup the SF11 using the arducopter documentation.  I'm using Serial 4 though, so slightly different.  What was it that got it working for you @Duffy?

Hi Thomas,

As a first step, try download the LightWare Terminal application (If you haven't already: http://lightware.co.za/shop2017/content/6-software), and use the 'Drone' option to configure ardupilot for the rangefinder.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for giving me the link to the software, I had trouble navigating the website with my smaller laptop.  The terminal keeps crashing when I try to connect to the Pixhawk through a USB.  It will connect, but when it tries to get parameters it crashes.  If I try through the RFD radio it says I'm not allowed.  I have Trad Heli 3.3.2 firmware and there was a post someone else had that they couldn't get the sonarrange and sonarvoltage to display until they upgraded to the next firmware version.  Is there an issue with this firmware?

I am unable to find a version of the 3.3.2 software to test, but I can confirm that Heli 3.3.3 works as expected with the Terminal and SF11.

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