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Help getting a Y6 off the ground (Tipping and Controls reversed)

Started by Michael B. Last reply by Felixrising May 13. 7 Replies

I have a Y6A that I have a had for few years and played with off and on, but never gotten off the ground.  I took another serious run at this week and I'm at a loss.I have taken this thing a part and…Continue

How fast is a Y6?

Started by Felipe Rabat. Last reply by Felipe Rabat May 9. 3 Replies

I thought the flights I was doing where AT LEAST up to 40 mph (about 60 kph), but MP says 25 in the logs (spd).  Just don't ask 25 what, 'cause I honestly do not know!  I am SURE it was more than 25…Continue

Y6 tipping after autotune assigned to channel and Mission planner 3.1.20 Extended tuning not applying auto tune to channel 8

Started by James A. Last reply by Felipe Rabat May 9. 9 Replies

Hi all,I noticed an issue when using auto tune in 3.2 / 3.2.1. Basically on the two occasions I enabled channel 8 to switch into auto tune I had real problems getting off the ground without tipping /…Continue

Tags: tipping, y6, planner, mission

Pixhawk hardware test

Started by Craig P. May 9. 0 Replies

Hello everybody,So a year later and this new pixhawk I purchased still has yet to work.Unfortunately I have always had an issue with the board, it never accepted any rc signal. I've tried swapping…Continue

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Comment by Doug Walmsley on Monday

Well as you know DG, I've spent a lot of time configuring my modified Y6B to use 690Kv pancake motors for performance and cooling and 1247 on top and 1347 on bottom and have found at the moment the best configuration for me.  It really boils down to cost vs benefit.  Since there is no out of the box design that is optimal, you really do spend time and money experimenting on the best configuration.  

I feel 3DR's Y6B as it is works fine with their motor and propeller configuration, but adding additional accessories/weight to it changes the delicate balance of their design thus requiring you to develop alternatives which I did to mitigate the overheating issue on the lower motors.  This also could explain why 3DR stopped developing and supporting their Y6 design for the most part.

Unfortunately there is no other sites in the internet that helps people to develop their designs other than Ecalc which hasn't perfected their coaxial data but is a good tool for evaluating many frame/power plant configurations.

Comment by DG on Monday

So the question of the day for DIY coaxials is.....

How much time and money are you willing to spend to get the perfect combination?

Comment by DG on Monday

I did some reading, then had a discussion with the guys at Ecalc about this:  and started a discussion at RCG

There many variables here.  Leonard Hall did testing for 3DR before the Y6B was released and explains why the 10x4.7 top/bottom combination was chosen.

One of the variables that has a large effect on coaxial performance, at least from my observations, is the axial distance between the top/bottom props. 

The current configuration on my Spy 750 is 15x5 top 14x7 bottom. A month or so ago I bought some 15x6 for the bottom, did a AT but didn't test much, and unfortunately chipped one of the 15x6 and put the 14x7 back on.

During all this, I made changes in the parameters based on statements by Leonard and didn't keep good track of them so decided yesterday to go with a fresh install of 3.3 rc5 and start from scratch.

The latest Auto Tune improvements really shined, and the pwm results are this

One of the biggest advantages I've observed with the current configuration is it is more difficult to produce the Vortex Ring State on faster descent. A concern is if the copter will fly with 5 motors should one fail. I haven't tested that.

However to be totally candid, I think the ultimate solution is a combination of things to test, which I don't really care to do, that being:

1) testing different axial distances between the props. Using the prop adapters to accommodate the Xoar props increased the distance which appeared to help.

2) using different kv motors top/bottom

3) combining 1 & 2 with trying multiple props sizes and pitches.

So many degrees of freedom here. So for now my Y6 flies well, the motors are cool as cucumbers top/bottom, but is not as efficient as I'd like.

At some point I may try some good CF props (TM or Foxtech Supreme), but the cost would be more than what I paid for the motors as using the same size/pitch on top/bottom on this Y6 makes for poor performance!

As I stated in the RCG discussion, Marco Robustini probably had it right:

   Interesting discussion, I follow with interest.
Personally I abandoned coaxial configurations because they have only an advantage in my opinion, good thrust considering the small size compared to a flat, all the rest are only disadvantages.

Comment by Felipe Rabat on Monday

I have always heard about the larger prps being on the bottom.  What is the advantage of having them on top?

Comment by DG on Monday

I'm happy to report my cantankerous Spy 750 Y6 is now a wonderful machine to fly with the latest Auto Tune.

It now has Xoar 15.5 props on top, 14x7 bottom. The handling and stability even in wind is very good. The Xoars aren't as efficient as TM, but I can get nearly any prop size/pitch to experiment with and not break the bank doing it.

Comment by Stone1295 on April 27, 2015 at 11:42am

As far as using the beta firmware 3.3rc1, there are still issues in autotune.  The Dev's have figured out what the issues are but the fix won't be implemented until 3.3rc2.  They had hoped the 3.3rc2 would've been released last Friday but it wasn't.  I guess they're still working out issues.


Comment by Tim Painter on April 27, 2015 at 10:46am

Thanks  Nathanie

   Great advice , I will try individual  axis auto tune tomorrow.

 I assume I must disable pitch /roll lock first.

something else that i notice is that with the  "B" configuration that all prop nut are in "auto undo" rotation mode , I think a possible fix is to swap props  and motor to pixhawk  connections top to bottom and then reverse all rotation directions ,all changes cancel out.

.prop strikes definitely do loosen the plain nuts ( I am now using nylock nuts)

 Thanks again for the advice


Comment by Nathaniel Caner on April 27, 2015 at 9:28am

You can also select individual axis for tuning now as well. For example you can just tune roll if you want, or you can tune roll and pitch, or roll and yaw. It's controlled by a parameter that can be set before running autotune. You can read about it here in the 3.3 Beta thread.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Comment by Felipe Rabat on April 27, 2015 at 9:21am

Figures...  I am running 3.2...

Comment by Nathaniel Caner on April 27, 2015 at 9:19am

Autotune does tune yaw in AC3.3 rc1.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY


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