12C Hub on the PixHawk

I'm trying to add a LV-MaxSonar EZ3 to my X8 with the PixHawk APM with the 12C hub that came with the PixHawk, when I unplug my compass from the 12C port and add the hub then plug my compass back into the hub mission planner says my compass needs to be calibrated and the sonar check box in mission planner will not let me check it with the sonar plugged in. any ideas?

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  • RNGFND_FUNCTION in the "Full Parameters" section under "Config/Tuning" menu of the Mission Planner and this is where you will need to setup the Sonar configuration.  The Mission Planner developers disabled the check box under the Sonar section of the "Initial Setup" menu when they rebuilt the Parameters section to accommodate LIDAR and other range detection sensors.  Wiki page is out of date.

    Hope this helps some. 

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