I updated a new version which has a fix for Alt hold and some new tuning capabilities.


The older alt hold had a typo that was found by randy that seriously degraded performance (the rate PID loop was skipped entirely). You should see much better results now.


Tunning with a Channel 6 proportional control is now done at runtime and doesn't need to be compiled in. To use, go to the CLI and setup menu. tune # is how you select the tuning option.


tune 0 = no tuning. 

tune 1 = STABILIZE_KP 


tune 3 = Yaw_KP

tune 4 = RATE_KP

tune 5 = RATE_KI

tune 6 = YAW_RATE_KP

tune 7 = THROTTLE_KP

tune 8 = TOP_BOTTOM_RATIO (for Y6)

tune 9 = Manual control of the relay

tune 10 = Waypoint traversing speed (0m/s to 10m/s)


So pick your variable from the list and type "tune 4"

Now, go to the CLI test menu and enter "tune". You will see the output value of the tuning function so you can adjust your proportional control and see the changes. I would dial in the best guess before you fly it. Then in flight, adjust it as you like. The return to test::tune to see what value was the best.


Good luck.


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Jason, is it possible in future to completely move the tuning to CH8 as some of us uses CH6 for mixing control on cam tilt? Or did I completely misunderstood it.


loading the 2.0.41 now to see if the pulsing issue on alt_hold will be fix

Ch 8 is tied to the PPM encoder and manual mux. That's a no go for Quads. Triggering the hardware Mux will cause an instant crash. You can always remove the Camera rig's servo lead from the APM while tuning. Otherwise it won't affect the camera at all.



Thanks Jason

I see, just to prevent violent crash when I forgot to change the tuning and connected cam tilt control from controller. I guess either I be more careful or avoid tuning for now.


Erasing EEPROM and configuring quad now to test the v41. Hope it doesnt rain, its been gloomy weather here

In the Parameter list look for "TUNE"

A zero indicates it's off.


Any chance of using the tuning like this to experiment with loiter settings?

Give me an hour and I'll push an update.


Possible to make APM input voltage configurable via cli? That is the last variable I need to tune to be able to use AMP for a complete setup... :)

+1 I forgot the reason I always go arduino is because of this voltage.


@Jason if this is on param list then that would be good. Ill add it on my ardu station so I can always verify it. Thanks

No problem.


Woah, your so fast....I just loaded the v41 but since its seems its about to rain I will just wait for this ;)


Great Job Jason

OK, give it a go. 

Not fare....you said 1hr :D I saw a small window to fly so I tested the v41. at_hold no longer pulse like in my previous vid its a bit windy so quite hard to really say which one is cause by wind and which is drift but I would say its a lot better now.

Will try out now the new v41 with volt param.


By the way line on camera sta




is there any bad result for uncommenting it, cause it work in the right direct for me if I remove the comments

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