2.4GHz XBee suggestions

Hi Guys


I have a couple of XBP24-BSIT-004 XBee modules which refuse to work(One way data  from the Arducopter only, really frustating!!!!).


Just wondering what 2.4GHz (as Im in New Zealand, and cant use 900MHz) Xbee Modules people are sucessfully using ??


Thanks in advance


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  • Hello,

    Try this link for xbee s2 pro 2.4mhz

    Ricardo Vasquez
  • Hey Guys

    The bits I ordered from sparkfun arrived this morning.
    After a quick playaround Ive found
    - The Series 1 Xbees (XBP24-A) Work with both boards.
    - The Series 2 Xbees (XBP24-B) work fine with the Sparkfun Regulated Explorer, but not XtremeBee board from diydrones.

    and for those who use Arduino Boards, Both Series 1 and 2 Xbees work with the Sparkfun Regulated Explorer and XBee Sheild.

    So the problem only lies with XtremeBee board, for some reason it doesn't work with the Series 2 XBee Modules.
  • Hi Sam,


    I have a similar (or possibly even the same) problem. In my case I intend to use the Xbees in a plane but the problem really appears to be related to serial communication with the APM.


    Setup in my case: 2 Digi Xbee Pro series 2 that work perfectly in the X-CTU range test, diydrones Xtreambee adapter board on the plane side, Sparkfun USB adapter board on the ground. The one on the ground is the coordinator, the one in the plane the router/end device. I have tried both the ZNET 2.5 firmware and the newer ZB firmware. Since they work flawlessly in X-CTU (on the one side with FTDI cable attached to Xstreambee board using the same pins as when connected to APM) I think the problem lies on the arduino side (I can receive from arduino but not send to it).


    So in the simplest setup that shows the problem (based on MultiSerialMega.pde I found in the manual) the situation is as follows: when I start the X-CTU range test on the ground side and DO NOT open Serial 3 on arduino (I mean DO NOT use Serial3.begin(XXX), where XXX is the Xbee baud rate) I see the LED for receiving data flash nicely on the adapter board, which I guess it means its receiving data. However, when I do open Serial3 (not even send or try to receive over it) it stops flashing.


    It gets even more awkward. The situation above was with battery attached. If I power APM only over USB (leads to twitching servos due to power issues I guess) then the LED does flash and I can receive sth on the APM side (partly garbage but mostly correct data).


    My guess would be that it has to do something with interrupt handling but I was hoping that somebody here has a specific guess..

  • Distributor
    Hello Sam,

    I put up a blog posting a day or so back with information on 2.4 telemetry kits, might be worth a read if you have not yet done so.



  • You aren't using a 2.4 gig RC transmitter are you? You also must download X-CTU and configure them to work together.

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