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sfcnzl replied to SILVERZORRA's discussion What is the best platform for mapping around 300km of highway?
"You might want to take a look a cropcam, can be purchased directly from Micropilot, or DFRobot.com."
Nov 3, 2014
sfcnzl replied to airmazingvideo.com's discussion Frame Type: what would you suggest to program?
"I aggree the X Frame should work fine on the picured airframe, If you really want to get picky & can program, Its not to difficult to customise the firmware to your frame."
Oct 28, 2014
sfcnzl replied to nizar zd's discussion Add a parachute to a quadrotor
"try these guys
Mar 23, 2014
sfcnzl replied to anzel360's discussion Tracking Hobby King Inventory
"looks like the site has been updated in months, what happened ???"
Nov 6, 2013
sfcnzl commented on Janne Mäntyharju's blog post Lesson learned about 3DR ESCs and cold weather
"Ive had similar problems with Align & Hyperion ESC's. On frosty mornings they just start beeping, warm them up in my hand for a couple of minutes, and then they'll fly fine."
Jan 21, 2013
sfcnzl replied to sfcnzl's discussion Problems getting XBee Telemetry working
"Turns out the problem lies with using XBP24-BSIT-004 or XBP24-BCIT-004 XBee modules on the XtremeBee Board from Diydrones. These modules work fine now on a Sparkfun Regulated Explorer board. XBP24-AWI-001 XBee modules work fine with the Diydrones…"
Aug 14, 2011
sfcnzl replied to sfcnzl's discussion 2.4GHz XBee suggestions
"Hey Guys

The bits I ordered from sparkfun arrived this morning.
After a quick playaround Ive found
- The Series 1 Xbees (XBP24-A) Work with both boards.
- The Series 2 Xbees (XBP24-B) work fine with the Sparkfun Regulated Explorer, but not…"
Aug 14, 2011
sfcnzl posted a discussion
Hi Guys I have a couple of XBP24-BSIT-004 XBee modules which refuse to work(One way data  from the Arducopter only, really frustating!!!!). Just wondering what 2.4GHz (as Im in New Zealand, and cant use 900MHz) Xbee Modules people are sucessfully…
Aug 4, 2011
sfcnzl replied to sfcnzl's discussion Problems getting XBee Telemetry working
"Attitude, GPS and waypoint at set at 1Hz."
Aug 3, 2011
sfcnzl replied to sfcnzl's discussion Problems getting XBee Telemetry working
"I hadnt seen that in my pre-post searching. I redid the setup as per the post, but it hasnt helpped.
Ive even dropped the Baud alll the way back to 9600.
The Telemetry port works fine connected to the FTDI USB Cable, and the Xbees work well when…"
Aug 3, 2011
sfcnzl posted a discussion
Hi guysI got an Arducopter (Ive updated to firmware 2.0.38) last week and Im having problems getting Telemetry to work properly over a pair of XBees.I can get the MAVLink heartbeat in HappyKilmore 1.3.16 over the Xbees (XBeePro2 2.4GHz running 2.5).…
Aug 3, 2011