Frame Type: what would you suggest to program?

Hello all,

I wonder what type of frame I should program with Mission Planner for the frame I'm using.

The front arms are "spread-out" and the tail arms are also more than 90 degrees spread.

It isn't really a traditional/typical 'X' shape, nor a 'H' or 'X V' or 'X V Tail'.

3691158411?profile=original Currently I've programmed 'X'. I'm still in the configuring phase and haven't flown it yet. Before I do, I want to make sure I start correctly. What would be the result of choosing an incorrect frame type? Are the consequences noticeable?

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  • I aggree the X Frame should work fine on the picured airframe, If you really want to get picky & can program, Its not to difficult to customise the firmware to your frame.

  • It looks like X would be a good choice based upon your picture. I'm not sure if your front arms are longer than your rear? If so, then maybe V. If they are the same, I'd stay with X. Your motors really are in the X positions, it's just that your arms don't intersect the body in the center as with a traditional X. Realistically, that shouldn't affect operation.

    • Thanks for your answer Tom. The arms have the same lengths. I'll stick to the X configuration.

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