2-axis gimbal for ortophoto

2-axis gimbal with BLCD almost done.
Main purpose is for ortophoto. 

Size - for Canon SX260HS with shutter trigger via servo.

First version - from G-10, but also some tests with ALU 4 mm.
Can be used in part - as 1-axie - only roll for smaller planes.






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  • I would also be interested in buying one if you are selling.  I have been looking for a gimbal for my DIY RTF X8 for a SX260.

  • I'll be interested as well to buy one !

    Tell us when you are ready :D

  • Do you have an update on this gimbal ?

    I'd buy one if you sold it !

    Thank you


  • look nice

  • Now working on first prototype with Canon SX260HS installed in X-8 wing with roll stabilization (AlexMos)

    Within this week - tests should be completed - will post results.

  • I've been looking for something exactly like this as well, for a multi rotor orthophoto platform.  If you made a version for the NEX6 available to purchase I'd certainly buy one.

  • Do you have any pictures of the gimbal mounted on a plane?

    I would like to build a roll stabilized camera gimbal, but it seems that I either have to cut a large hole in the fuselage or make the fuselage itself really big to fully contain the camera. Neither option is looking really attractive.

  • I can't see the 'buy now' button! ;)

    Seriously, I am looking for something exactly like this for my Skywalker, PM me if it's possible to purchase when you have it working. Cheers.

  • Nice engineering job, well done!

    Will fit into skywalker old and 2013 model?

    What dimensions?

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